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Future already exists. Here are the first publications of 2019. In 2018 : 30965 new titles for the Archaeological Bibliography! All the best for the new year.

December 21, 2018


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Foto: neigesdantan

As the year comes to a close,  – having taken a look back – we are glad to inform and share with you that it has been a year full of  great achievements.  Above all: 30965 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography” in 2018, once more the best result ever . Without your interest in our databases and services, without your continued loyalty, support and indications our work would not have been possible. We take this opportunity to thank you. We firmly intend to continue working for you with the same verve and vigor in the coming years
“Archaeological Bibliography” is growing constantly year after year, week after week. All the while we strive for data quality as we do for quantity. We like to serve our community with the best achievable data in a professional way. So we have added ca. 8500 new links to full texts, referencing more and more doi-links going towards a kind of fulltext database with the intension to facilitate your research. We created new subdivions in the systematic tree and reopend subdivisions closed down in 1997. “Archaeological Bibliography” keeps moving strong and we are looking forward to 2019.

In the following table we present an overview of our data input activity for the year 2018:

2018 Number of new titles
January 3415
February 3098
March 2503
April 2672
May 3013
June 2172
July 2642
August 2201
September 2312
October 3063
November 2341
December 1533
Total  30965

Nevertheless, in the first two weeks of December we have evaluated 138 new monographs and 51 new volumes of periodicals, gaining 1533 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography ”. The list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals – supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals, in addition to the links for the online resources – is to be find below as ever.
Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

New monographs  (New monographs December 2018/pdf):

  1. “Athenaion politeiai” tra storia, politica e sociologia. Aristotele e pseudo-Senofonte. (Milano, LED, 2018), ed. Bearzot, C.; Canevaro, M.; Gargiulo, T., (Quaderni di Erga-Logoi, 7)
  2. Abramzon, M.G.; Kuznecov, V.D.: Fanagorija. Resul’taty archeologiceskich issledovanij, 5. Klad pozdne’osporskich staterov iz Fanagorii. (Russ.) (Moskva, Ia ran, 2017)
  3. Alföldy, G.: Die epigraphische Kultur der Römer. Studien zu ihrer Bedeutung, Entwicklung und Erforschung. (Stuttgart, Steiner, 2018), ed. Chaniotis, A.; Witschel, C., (Heidelberger althistorische Beiträge und epigraphische Studien, 50)
  4. An archaeology of prehistoric bodies and embodied identities in the eastern Mediterranean. (Oxford, Oxbow, 2016), ed. Mina, M.; Triantaphyllou, S.
  5. An island between two worlds. The archaeology of Euboea from prehistoric to Byzantine times. Proceedings of an International Conference, Eretria, 12-14 July 2013. (Athens, Norwegian Institute at Athens, 2017), ed. Tankosic, Z.; Mavridis, F.; Kosma, M., (Papers and monographs from the Norwegian Institute at Athens, 6)
  6. Ancient biography. Identity through “Lives”. (Prenton, Cairns, 2018), ed. Cairns, F.; Luke, T., (Arca, 55)
  7. Ancient decorative painting of the Cimmerian Bosporus. From drawing to photography. (Russ.)(Sankt-Peterburg, Institut istorii material’noj kul’tury RAN, 2017), (Russian Academy of sciences. Institute for the history of material culture. Proceedings, 51)
  8. Ancient Greek law in the 21st century. Ashley and Peter Larkin endowment in Greek and Roman culture. (Austin, University of Texas Press, 2018), ed. Perlman, P.
  9. Antichità d’Africa agli Uffizi. Giovanni Pagni medico e archeologo pisano nella Tunisia del XVII secolo. [Tunisi, 18 marzo 2018 – 30 settembre 2018](Firenze, Regione Toscana, 2018)
  10. Antike als Transformation. Konzepte zur Beschreibung kulturellen Wandels. (Berlin, de Gruyter, 2017), ed. Helmrath, J.; Hausteiner, E.M., (Transformationen der Antike, 49)
  11. Arena, P.; Marcone, A.: Augusto e la creazione del principato. La questione dinastica. (Milano, Mondadori Education, 2018)
  12. Asolati, M.; Crisafulli, C.: Cirene e la Cirenaica in età greca e romana. Le monete, 1. I ripostigli. (Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2018), (Cirene “Atene d’Africa”, 10)
  13. Au-delà du savoir. Les Reinach et le monde des arts. Actes du XXVIIe colloque à Beaulieu-sur-Mer, 7-8 octobre 2016. (Paris, Boccard, 2017), ed. Jouanna, J.; Lavagne, H., (Cahiers de la Villa Kérylos, 28)
  14. Augusto dopo il bimillenario. Un bilancio. (Città di Castello, Le Monnier Università, 2018), ed. Segenni, S., (Studi sul mondo antico, 8)
  15. Bani, S.: Sylloge nummorum Graecorum. Italia. Firenze, Museo archeologico nazionale, 4, 1. Sicilia. (Firenze, Polo museale della Toscana, [2018])
  16. Bernard, S.: Building mid-Repubblican Rome. Labor, architecture, and the urban economy. (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2018)
  17. Berres, T.: Der Diskus von Phaistos. Grundlagen seiner Entzifferung. (Frankfurt a.M., Klostermann, 2017)
  18. Biccari, M.L.: Dalla pretesa giudiziale alla narratio retorica (e viceversa). Spunti di riflessione sulla formazione dell’avvocato romano e la sua azione. (Torino, Giappichelli, 2017)
  19. Bitrakova Grozdanova, V.: Lychnidos et Dassaretie. (Maked.)(Skopje, Matica, 2017)
  20. Bonetto, J.; Bejor, G.; Bondì, S.F.: Nora. Pula. (Sassari, Delfino, 2018), (Sardegna archeologica. Guide e itinerari, 1)
  21. Bounegru, O.; Anghel, G.; Aldea, I.A. u.a.:The northern necropolis of Apulum “Ambulance station”, 1981 – 1985. Necropola nordica de la Apulum. “Statia de salvare” 1981 – 1985. (Cluj, Editura Mega, 2017)
  22. Bovillae e il suo territorio nella tarda antichità e nell’altomedioevo. Le trasformazioni del paesaggio du un settore del Latium vetus. (Tivoli, Tored, 2018), ed. Fiocchi Nicolai, V.; Spera, L., (Bibliotheca del Lazio. Archeologia, 6)
  23. Bradley, J.W.: An interpretation of the frescoes of the Hypogeum of the Aurelii in Rome.  [Thesis submitted for the degree of PhD](London, Selbstverlag, [2018]) 2 Bde.,
  24. Byzantine images  and their afterlives. Essays in honor of Annemarie Weyl Carr. (Farnham, Ashgate, 2014), ed. Jones, L.
  25. Cavallero, F.G.: Arae sacrae. Tipi, nomi, atti, funzioni e rappresentazioni degli altari romani. (Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2018), (Bullettino della Commissione archeologica comunale di Roma. Supplementi, 25)
  26. Charles Ede Ldt. Christmas 2018. (London, Selbstverlag, 2018)
  27. Chiavenna e la sua valle in età antica. (Quingentole, SAP, 2018), ed. Mariotti, V., (Studi e ricerche di archeologia, 3)
  28. Cojocaru, V.: Bibliographia classica orae septentrionalis Ponti Euxini, 2. Archaeologica. (Cluj, Mega Verlag, 2018), (Pontica et Mediterranea, 7)
  29. Collection Fallani, 1. De l’aigle a la louve. Monnaies et gemmes antiques entre art, propaganda et affirmation de soi. (Milan, Continents, 2018), ed. Campagnolo, M.; Fallani, C.M.
  30. Conti, M.C.: I bolli su tegole e coppi a Selinunte. (Pisa, Serra, 2018), (Biblioteca di “Sicilia antica”, 7)
  31. Cromwell, J.A.: Recording village life. A Coptic scribe on early Islamic Egypt. New texts from ancient cultures. (Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 2017)
  32. Cupae. Riletture e novità. (Faenza, Fratelli Lega, 2018), ed. Baratta, G., (Epigrafia e antichità, 41)
  33. Cycladic archaeology and research. New approaches and discoveries. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2018), ed. Angliker, E.; Tully, J.
  34. D’Alessio, R.: Il denaro e le sue funzioni nel pensiero giuridico romano. La riflessione giurisprudenziale nel Principato. (Lecce, Grifo, 2018), (Iuridica historica, 6)
  35. Damminger, F.; Gross, U.; Prien, R. u.a.:Grosse Welten, kleine Welten. Ladenburg und der Lobdengau zwischen Antike und Mittelalter. (Edingen-Neckarhausen, Fetzer, 2017)
  36. De Blois, L.: Image and reality of Roman imperial power in the third century A.D. The impact of war. (London, Routledge, 2019)
  37. De Miranda, A.: Fontane a sorpressa nelle fonti antiche. (Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2018), (Studia archaeologica, 224)
  38. Découvrir la Macédoine antique. Le terrain, les stèles, l’histoire. Recueil d’études de Militiade B. Hatzopoulos. (Paris, Boccard, 2016), ed. Guimier-Sorbets, A.M.; Fromageot-Lanièpce, V.
  39. Di Salvo, M.; Gossage, C.: The basilicas of Ethiopia. An architectural history. (London, Tauris, 2017)
  40. Die Synoden im trinitarischen Streit. Über die Etablierung eines synodalen Verfahrens und die Probleme seiner Anwendung im 4. und 5. Jahrhundert. (Berlin, de Gruyter, 2017), ed. Heil, U.; Stochausen, A.v., (Texte und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der altchristlichen Literatur, 177)
  41. Diritto romano e economia. Due modi di pensare e organizzare il mondo (nei primi tre secoli dell’Impero). (Pavia, Pavia University Press, 2018), ed. Lo Cascio, E.; Mantovani, D., (Pubblicazioni del “Cedant”, 15)
  42. Domi forisque. Omaggio a Giovanni Brizzi. (Bologna, Il Mulino, 2018), ed. Magnani, S.
  43. Dundua, T.: Georgia. Early origin and antiquity. (Georg.)(Tiflis 2017)
  44. Dundua, T.: History of Georgia. (Tbilisi, Meridian Publishers, 2017)
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New volumes of periodicals:

Analecta Tor 198 (2018)

Annali della Fondazione per il Museo Claudio Faina 25 (2018) (click on the link for contents)

Annuario della Scuola archeologica di Atene e delle missioni italiane in Oriente 95 (2017)[2018]   online edition

Antichthon 52 (2018)  online edition

Antike Welt (2018)  Nr.6

Appunti romani di filologia 20 (2018)  online edition

Archeotuscia. News 15 (2017)   online edition

Archivio storico pugliese 69 (2016)

Archivio storico pugliese70 (2017)

Arys. Antigüedad, religiones y sociedades 15 (2017)  online edition

Bibliographie zur Symbolik, Ikonographie und Mythologie 49 (2016)

Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2018)  Nr.11   online resource

Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2018)  Nr.12  online resource

Bulletin de correspondance hellénique 139-140 (2015-16) Nr.2

Bulletin monumental 176 (2018) Nr.3

Cahiers archéologiques 57 (2018)

Cahiers d’archéologie subaquatique 24 (2018)

Cahiers du Centre G. Glotz. Revue d’histoire ancienne 28 (2017)

Chronique d’Egypte 92 (2017) Nr.185

Etruscan (and Italic) Studies 21 (2018)  1-2  online edition

Etudes celtiques 44 (2018)  (click on the link for contents)

European Review of History. Revue européenne d’histoire 25 (2018) Nr.6  online edition

Histria archaeologica 47 (2016)   online edition

Histria archaeologica 48 (2017)

Israel Exploration Journal 68 (2018) Nr.2   (click on the link for contents)

Journal of Greek Archaeology 3 (2018)

Kokalos 54 (2017)[2018]

Kölner Jahrbuch 50 (2017)

Lalies. Actes des sessions de linguistique et de littérature 38 (2018)

L’antiquité classique 87 (2018)

Listy filologické 141 (2018) Nr.1-2  (click on the links for contents)

Mnemosyne 71 (2018) Nr.6  online edition

Oxford Journal of Archaeology 37 (2018) Nr.4   online edition

Pallas 108 (2018)  (click on the links for contents)

Pharos 22 (2016) Nr.1  online edition

Phoînix. Laboratório de história antiga  21 (2015) Nr.1  online edition

Prilozi Instituta za arheologiju u Zagrebu 34 (2017)  online edition

Revista portuguesa de arqueologia 21 (2018)

Revue biblique 125 (2018) Nr.3  online edition

Revue des sciences religieuses 92 (2018) Nr.3  online edition

Revue d’histoire et de philosophie religieuses 98 (2018) Nr.3

Rivista di studi pompeiani 29 (2018)

Schweizer Münzblätter 67 (2017) Nr.271  online edition

Studia Picena 83 (2018)

Symbolae antiquariae 8 (2015)[2018]   online edition

The Cambridge Classical Journal 64 (2018)  online edition

The Economic History Review. A journal of economic and social history 71 (2018) Nr.4  online edition

The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 69 (2018) Nr.4  online edition

The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 103 (2017) Nr.2  online edition

The Journal of Hellenic Studies 138 (2018)  online edition

Vesuviana 9 (2017)   online edition

To make you study hard. In May 3013 new titles for the ‘Archaeological Bibliography’

June 4, 2018


San Girolamo in his study, Detroit, By Jan van Eyck

Saint Jerome in his study by Jan van Eyck, Detroit. Foto: wikimedia commons

3013 new titles to help you with your research! You will find the list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals below as ever. The list of the new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals  – in addition to the links for the online resources, or else to the contents of the respective journal.

Besides the free search and the search for an author, title and part of a title, journals and series, we offer the systematic tree with more than 30.000 keyword arranged in a hierarchical, tree-like structure. Starting from generic key terms like “topography”, “history of art”, “plastic art and sculpture”, “architecture” etc. you may “click” your way down to very specific terms. To specify your research even further you have the possibility to combine results and to choose the date range of publication. At the end of your search you may export your result (up to 500 titles) in any form you wish. The structure of the subject- tree is  constantly under construction: if a branch gets too crowed, too many titles, we split the structure in more sub-divisions.

Furthermore – in May – 221 new monographs and 106 volumes of periodicals have been analyzed gaining 3013 new titles for the ‘Archaeological Bibliography’. Any advice and suggestions regarding content – and subject-tree will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

New monographs(New monographs May 2018/pdf):

  1. “Grecità di frontiera”. Frontiere geografiche e culturali nell’evidenza storica e archeologica. Atti del convegno internazionale, Università degli studi di Napoli “L’Orientale,” Napoli, 5-6 giugno 2014. (Alessandria, Edizioni dell’Orso, 2017), ed. Gallo, L.; Genito, B., (Studi di storia greca e romana, 14)
  2. 50 Jahre Archäologie an der Paris Lodron-Universität Salzburg. Workshop Salzburg, 14. Dezember 2016. (Salzburg, Universität Salzburg, 2017), ed. Lang, F.; Wohlmayr, W., (Archaeo plus. Schriften zur Archäologie und Archäometrie der Paris Lodron-Universität Salzburg, 9)
  3. A Maurizio Bettini. Pagine stravaganti per un filologo stravagante. (Sesto San Giovanni, Mimesis, 2017), ed. Romaldo, A.
  4. Abura, J.: Die westgotenzeitlichen Kapitelle von Toledo (Spanien). (Toledo, Real Fundación Toledo, [2014])
  5. Accorinti, D.: Raffaele Pettazzoni and Herbert Jennings Rose. Correspondence 1927 – 1958. (Leiden, Brill, 2014), (Texts and sources in the history of religions, 146)
  6. Adams, E.: Cultural identity in Minoan Crete. Social dynamics in the neopalatial period. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2017)
  7. Adeline, Y.M.: La pensée antique. Mythes, sagesses orientales et philosophie grecque. (Paris, Ellipses, 2015)
  8. Ancient approaches to Plato’s “Republic”. (London, Institute of Classical Studies, 2013), ed. Sheppard, A., (Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies. Supplements, 117)
  9. Ancient routes to happiness. (Pretoria, Classical Association of South Africa, 2017), ed. Bosman, P., (Acta classica. Supplementum, 6)
  10. Anderson, E.S.K.: Seals, craft and community in bronze age Crete. (New York, Cambridge University Press, 2016)
  11. Anderson, M.L.: Antiquities. What everyone needs to know. (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2016)
  12. Andrianou, D.: Memories in stone. Figured grave reliefs from Aegean Thrace. (Athens, Ethnikó archaiologiko mouseio, 2017), (Meletémata, 75)
  13. Animaux d’arte et d’histoire. Bestiaire des collections genevoises. 30 mars – 24 septembre 2000, Musée d’art et d’histoire, Genève. (Genève, Ville de Genève, 2000)
  14. Antike Naturwissenschaften und ihre Rezeption, 28. (Trier, Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2018), ed. Althoff, J.; Föllinger, S.; Wöhrle, G.
  15. Antiquitas 29 (2017)
  16. Arbabe, E.: La politique des Gaulois. Vie politique et institutions en Gaule chevelue (IIe s. av. n. è. – 70). (Paris, Editions de la Sorbonne, 2017) Diss. Paris 2013,, (Histoire ancienne et médiévale, 150)
  17. Archaeological theory in the new millennium. Introducing current perspectives. (London, Routledge, 2017), ed. Harris, O.J.T.; Cipolla, C.N.
  18. Archaeologies of gender and violence. (Oxford, Oxbow, 2017), ed. Matic, U.; Jensen, B.
  19. Archippe. Studi in onore di Sebastiana Lagona. (Roma, Bonanno, 2016), ed. Frasca, M.; Tempio, A.; Tortorici, E.
  20. Arles-Rhône 3. Du fleuve au musée. Journal de bord d’une opération archéologique hors du commun, 1er septembre 2004 – 4 octobre 2013. (Gand, Snoeck, 2017), ed. Marlier, S.
  21. Arm und Reich. Zur Ressourcenverteilung in prähistorischen Gesellschaften. Rich and Poor. Competing for resources in prehistoric societies. 8. Mitteldeutscher Archäologentag vom 22. bis 24. Oktober 2015 in Halle (Saale). 8th Archaeological Conference of Central Germany, October 22-24, 2015 in Halle. (Halle, Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, 2016) 2 Bde.,, ed. Meller, H.; Hahn, H.P.; Jung,  u.a.:, (Tagungen des Landesmuseums für Vorgeschichte Halle, 14)
  22. Athanassopoulos, E.F.: Nemea Valley Archaeological Project, 2. Landscape archaeology and the medieval countryside. (Princeton, The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2016)
  23. Athena am Sternhimmel bei Proklos. Astrologie im Dienst neuplatonischer Philosophie. (München, Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2017), ed. Hübner, W.
  24. Atti del XXIII Colloquio dell’Associazione italiana per lo studio e la conservazione del mosaico. Narni, 15-18 marzo 2017. (Roma, Quasar, 2018), ed. Angelelli, C.; Cecalupo, C.; Erba, M. u.a.:
  25. Augusto. La costruzione del principato. Convegno (Roma, 4-5 dicembre 2014). (Roma, Bardi, 2017), (Atti dei convegni lincei, 309)
  26. Avagliano, M. u.a.:L’archeologia si fa strada. Scavi, scoperte e tesori lungo le vie d’Italia. (Soveria Mannelli, Rubbettino, 2017)
  27. Bardelli, G.; Biella, M.C.; Bruder, S. u.a.:Etrusker. Antike Hochkultur im Schatten Roms. Der etruskische Bestand der Sammlung Ebnöther im Museum zu Allerheiligen Schaffhausen. (Mainz, von Zabern, 2017), ed. Rutishauser, W.
  28. Barenas Alonso, R.: Calahorra cristiana, de centro de culto martirial a sede episcopal (ss. III – VIII d.C.). (Calahorra, Amgios de la historia de Calahorra, 2017), (Anejos Kalakorikos, 3)
  29. Bauers, N.: Scavi di Ostia, 16. Architettura in laterizio a Ostia. Ricerche sulle insulae “dell’Ercole bambino” e “del soffitto dipinto”. (Roma, Il cigno Galileo Galilei, 2018)
  30. Bechtold, B.; Vassallo, S.: Le anfore puniche dalle necropoli di Himera. Seconda metà del VII – fine del V sec. a.C.). (Leuven, Peeters, 2018), (Babesch. Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology. [Bulletin antieke beschaving. Supplements], 34)
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  33. Bogucki, P.: The Barbarians. Lost civilisations. (London, Reaktion Books, 2017)
  34. Bouchet, M.: La céramique de la fin de l’âge du fer dans Le Berry. Approches chronologique, culturelle et territoriale de la société des Bituriges (IIe – Ier siècle av. J.-C.). (Tours, Archea, 2017), (Revue archéologique du Centre de la France. Suppléments, 67)
  35. Bozkova, A.: Anticna keramika mezdu Chemus, Rodopa i Evksinskija Pont (VII – I v. Chr.). Charakeristika, pazprostranenie i upotreda. Fine pottery between the Haemus, the Rhodope and the Pontus Euxinus (7th – 1st c. B.C.). Charateristics, distribution and utilization. (Veliko Tarnovo, Faber, 2017)
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  39. Breccia, G.: Scipione l’Africano. (Roma, Salerno, 2017)
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Want to stay up to date? Evaluating 102 new volumes of periodicals and 170 new monographs we added 2710 new titles for the ‘Archaeological Bibliography’ in April

May 2, 2016


The Leeds Library

Foto: Beckwith (The Leeds Library)

Make full use of the possibilities provided by “Archaeological Bibliography”, Projekt Dyabola! Besides the free search and the search for an author, title and part of a title, journals and series, we offer the systematic tree with more than 30.000 keyword arranged in a hierarchical, tree-like structure. Starting from generic key terms like “topography”, “history of art”, “plastic art and sculpture”, “architecture” etc. you may “click” your way down to very specific terms. To specify your research even further you have the possibility to combine results and to choose the date range of publication. At the end of your search you may export your result (up to 500 titles) in any form you wish. The structure of the subject- tree is  constantly under construction: if a branch gets too crowed, too many titles, we split the structure in more sub-divisions. Currently we are working at the classification of “peripheral cultures – Nabataeans”.

Regarding the previous month: In April we have referenced 2710 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography”, evaluating 102 new volumes of periodicals and 170 new monographs of all kind. You will find the list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals below as ever. The list of the new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links for the online resources. Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

New monographs: (new monographs April 2016/pdf):

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Continuous improvement: 2435 new titles in March for the “Archaeological Bibliography”

April 3, 2016


Jan David Hanrath

Foto: Jan David Hanrath

In March we have referenced 2435 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography”, evaluating 96 new volumes of periodicals and 159 monographs of all kind. You will find the list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals below as ever. The list of the new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links for the online resources. Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

Additionally we checked – in the course of monitoring and maintenance of the database – part of the by now nearly 30.000 links to full texts. Our intention citing DOI and other stable-links is create a sort of an “indirect” full-text-bibliography. By clicking on the link in the bibliographical reference, a new window will be opened showing access to the full text.  You may access the doi  links to  contents liable to costs via the proxy-server of your University or Institution. If you find a brooken link, would you please be so kind to inform us via email? We would be very happy.

New monographs March 2016 (new monographs March 2016/pdf):

  1. “Aristocracy” in antiquity. Redefining Greek and Roman elites. (Swansea, The Classical Press of Wales, 2015), ed. Fisher, N.; Wees, H. van
  2. Agents and objects. Children in pre-modern Europe. (Roma, Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, 2015), ed. Mustakallio, K.; Hanska, J., (Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae, 42)
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