‘Archäologische Bibliographie’

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We would like to inform you that Projekt Dyabola continues ‘Archäologische Bibliographie’ (i.e. the former subject catalogue of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome). We do so in a clearly enlarged form.

‘Archäologische Bibliographie’ references monographs as well as articles and reviews (as found in periodicals, congress reports, exhibition and museum catalogues and other forms of collective writings) on the subjects of Classical Archaeology, Etruscology, Minoan Archaeology and Prehistory.

The ‘Archäologische Bibliographie’ Projekt Dyabola now records the current acquisitions of the Roman department of the German Archaeological Institute, the École Française de Rome, of the British School at Rome, the American Academy in Rome and of the Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueologia en Roma. Bibliographical work is done in the libraries of the Universities of Heidelberg and Munich, as well as in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Since 2006 we reference all reviews in all relevant journals and since 2008 we are exploiting internet publications. As a consequence approximately 2500 to 3000 new titles are added per month and made available at the end of every week in the internet version on the Projekt Dyabola homepage (www.dyabola.de). Since 2006, the year of the 50th anniversary and the first year of independence, we classify almost three times as many titles as before and more than six times as many as in 1956, when ‘Archäologische Bibliographie’ was started by ‘Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (DAI), Abteilung Rom’.

News regarding our updates, enhancements of usability etc., including a pdf-list of newly referenced monographs are presented monthly on our blog ‘Projekt Dyabola Blog‘ and now you may also follow us on ‘Twitter’.

Indications of any publication missing in the database are very welcome.

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