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‘Studies in late antiquity’ and ‘Post Augustum’. Two new online and open access journals on late antiquity. 2379 new titles in April.

May 4, 2020



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Dyabola keeps on working strong, with many libraries closed all over world, research through the World Wide Web is an important resource. Our intention of citing DOI links is to create a sort of full-text-bibliography by links. By clicking on the link in the bibliographical reference, a new window will be opened showing access to the full text.  You may access the doi  links to  contents liable to costs via the proxy-server of your University or Institution.
Nearly all articles of periodical referenced this month in the “Archaeological Bibliography” are identified with “DOI” or otherwise stable links. The list of the new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links for the online resources. For the first time we have marked  – to  facilitate your research –  the open access journals.

“DOI is an acronym for “digital object identifier”, meaning a “digital identifier of an object”. A DOI name is an identifier (not a location) of an entity on digital networks. It provides a system for persistent and actionable identification and interoperable exchange of managed information on digital Networks……The DOI system is designed to work over the Internet. A DOI name is permanently assigned to an object to provide a resolvable persistent network link to current information about that object, including where the object, or information about it, can be found on the Internet. While information about an object can change over time, its DOI name will not change. A DOI name can be resolved within the DOI system to values of one or more types of data relating to the object identified by that DOI name, such as a URL, an e-mail address, other identifiers and descriptive metadata” (From: doi Handbook. Introduction)

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In April we have evaluated 202 new monographs and 138 new volumes of periodicals, gaining 2379 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography”. You will find the list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals below as ever

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New monographs (New monographs April 2020/pdf) :

  1. A companion to Euripides. (Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell, 2017), ed. McClure, L.K.
  2. A companion to Julian the Apostate. [Julian der Abtrünnige. Stand und Perspektiven der internationalen Forschung. München 2015.](Leiden, Brill, 2020), ed. Rebenich, S.; Wiemer, H.U.
  3. A man of many interests. Plutarch on religion, myth, and magic. Essays in honor of Aurelio Pérez Jiménez. (Leiden, Brill, 2019), ed. Leão, D.F., (Brill’s Plutarch Studies, 2)
  4. Alesse, F.: Aristotle on prescription. Deliberation and rule-making in Aristotle’s pratical philosophy. (Leiden, Brill, 2019), (Philosophia antiqua, 152)
  5. Antikythera mechanism, the book. Researchers unlock the secrets of the only surviving ancient mechanical universe. (Athen, Selbstverlag, 2017) Second edition,  ed. Stikas, C.; Tasios, T.
  6. Antipodean antiquities. Classical reception down under. (London, Bloomsbury, 2019), ed. Johnson, M.
  7. Antiquities and classical traditions in Latin America. (London, Wiley, 2018), ed. Laird, A.; Miller, N.
  8. Apó ton kósmo tou Omérou. Ténos kai Kukládes ste mukenaïké epoché. Ténos Mouseío Marmarotechnías, 12.7 – 14.10. 2019. rom Homer’s world. Tenos and the Cyclades in the mycenaean Age. Tenos, Museum of Marble Crafts, 12.7 – 14.10.2019. (Athéna, Ministry of Culture and Sports, 2019), ed. Angelopoulou, A.
  9. Archéologie et histoire en territoire arlésien. Mélanges offerts à Jean Piton. (Drémil-Lafage, Mergoil, 2019), ed. Djaoui, D.; Heijmans, M., (Archéologie et histoire romaine, 42)
  10. Arménie. Un atlas historique. 5ø édition. (o.O., Sources d’Arménie, 2018), ed. Yevadian, M.K.
  11. Atti del XXV Colloquio dell’Associazione Italiana per lo Studio e la conservazione del mosaico. Reggio Calabria, 13-16 marzo 2019. (Roma, Quasar, 2020) [digital version],  ed. Cecalupo, C.; Erba, M.E.
  12. Augustyn, W.: Die Sibyllen. Zu einem antiken Thema in der Kunst des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit. (Passau, Klinger, 2019) 
  13. Autoren in religiösen literarischen Texten der späthellenistischen und der frühkaiserzeitlichen Welt. Zwölf Fallstudien. (Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2018), ed. Becker, E.M.; Rüpke, J., (Culture, religion and politics in the Graeco-Roman world, 3)
  14. Autour de la table. L’alimentation à l’âge du Bronze et au premier âge du Fer. Actes de la Journée thématique mars 2017, Saint-Germain-en-Laye. (Paris, Association pour la promotion des recherches sur l’âge du Bronzes, 2020), ed. Auxiette, G.; Mougne, C.; Toulemonde, F., (Bulletin de l’Association pour la Promotion des Recherches sur l’âge du Bronze. Supplément, 6)
  15. Ayers, L.: Nicaea and its legacy. An approach to fourth-century Trinitarian theology. (New York, Oxford University Press, 2004) 
  16. Azoulay, V.: Xenophon and the graces of power. A Greek guide to political manipulation. (Swansea, The Classical Press of Wales, 2018) 
  17. Baçe, A.: Arkitektura në Iliri. Parë si refleks i strukturës sociale dhe botës shpirtërore. (Tiranë, Akademia e shkencave e Shqipërisë, 2017) 
  18. Bachmann, V.; Abbate, M.; Pfefferkorn, J.: Selbstbewegung und Lebendigkeit. Die Seele in Platons Spätwerk. (Berlin, de Gruyter, 2016), (Beiträge zur Altertumskunde, 356)
  19. Bärtschi, A.: Titanen, Giganten und Riesen im antiken Epos. Eine literaturtheoretische Neuinterpretation. (Heidelberg, Winter, 2019), (Kalliope, 17)
  20. Bergjan, S.P.; Elm, S.: Antioch II. The many faces of Antioch. Intellectual exchange and religious diversity, C.E. 350-450. (Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2018), (Civitatum orbis Mediterranei studia, 3)
  21. Beyond the Cyclades. Early Cycladic sculpture in context from mainland Greece, the north and east Aegean. (Oxford, Oxbow, 2019), ed. Marthari, M.; Renfrew, C.; Boyd, M.J.
  22. Biddulph, E.; Brady, K.; Simmonds, A.: Berryfields. Iron age settlement and a Roman bridge, field system and settlement along Akeman Street near Fleet Marston, Buckinghamshire. (Oxford, Oxford Archaeology, 2019), (Oxford archaeology. Monographs, 30)
  23. Bien avant la sexualité. L’expérience érotique en Grèce ancienne, (Paris, EPEL, 2019), ed. Halperin, D.M.; Winkler, J.J.; Zeitlin, F.I.
  24. Brill’s companion to the reception of Galen. (Leiden, Brill, 2019), ed. Bouras-Vallianatos, P.; Zipser, B.
  25. Brockliss, W.: Homeric imagery and the natural environment. (Cambridge Mass., Harvard University Press, 2019), (Hellenic studies, 82)
  26. Buffettaut, Y.: Les Grecs en Gaule. (Louviers, Ysec, 2020) 80 S.
  27. Burdick, A.; Drucker, J.; Lunenfeld, P. u.a.:Digital humanities. (Boston, MIT Press, 2016) 
  28. Carney, E.D.: Eurydice and the birth of Macedonian power. (New York, Oxford University Press, 2019) 
  29. Carrero, E.: To basíleio mtphr. Giórgos Karámpelas. (Athéna, Ekdóseis tou Eikostoú Prótou, 2015) 
  30. Casas, património, civilizaçco. Nomos versus physis no pensamento grego. Houses, patrimony, civilization. (Coimbra, Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, 2019), ed. De Fátima Silva, M.; De Moraes Augusto, M.d.G.; Zambujo Fialho, M.d.C., (Humanitas supplementum. Estudos monográficos, 62)
  31. Castelló, J.: Eros gai (Antologia Palatina, Llibre XII). (Martorell, Adesiara, 2018) 
  32. Chazan, R.: From anti-Judaism to anti-Semitism, ancient and medieval Christian constructions of Jewish history. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2016) 
  33. Cityscapes of hellenistic Sicily. Proceedings of a conference of the excellence cluster Topoi. The formation and transformation of space and knowledge in ancient civilizations. Held at Berlin, 15-18 June 2017. (Roma, Quasar, 2019), ed. Trümper-Ritter, M.; Adornato, G.; Lappi, T., (Analysis archaeologica. An international journal of western Mediterranean archaeology. Monograph series, 4)
  34. Classical antiquity in heavy metal music. (London, Bloomsbury Academic, 2020), ed. Flechter, K.F.B.; Umurhan, O.
  35. Coarelli, F.: Il Foro Romano, 3. Da Augusto al Tardo impero. (Roma, Quasar, 2020) 
  36. Cobb, L.S.: Divine deliverance. Pain and painlessness in early Christian martyr texts. (Oakland, University of California Press, 2016) 
  37. Connecting rhetoric and Attic drama. (Bari, Levante editori, 2017), ed. Quijada Sagredo, M.; Reguero, E.; Carmen, M.
  38. Corps, gestes et vêtements dans l’Antiquité. Les manifestations du politique. (Caen, Presses universitaires de Caen, 2019), ed. Bonnard, J.B.; Blonce, C.
  39. Corrigan, K.: Love, friendship, beauty and the Good. Plato, Aristotle, and the later tradition. (Eugene, Cascade Books, 2018) 
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