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Constant growth: In September 2764 new titles in the ‘Archaeological Bibliography’

October 5, 2015



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The major objective of  the “Archaeological Bibliography”, Dyabola is to offer a scientific search for literature. With the constant increase of publications and information it is becoming more and more difficult to gain an all-around overview of a particular field of research, the publications and therefore also of the state of research in this area. The Archaeological Bibliography, Dyabola wants to provide their users with excatly that. Through the search for subject heading you have the possibility to obtain an inclusive and  absolutely actual insight into your area of research.

The search for subject headings offers you about 30.000 subjects and keywords, which are orderd hierarchically, for a better understanding. You may “click” your way from e.g. “architecture” – “monuments” – “fortifications” to “frontier walls”. But please remember that a scientific research requires firstly an exact definition of its purpose. The term “frontiers” is found also under the the subject heading “topography”. In this case the reference is to the course of the frontier, but “frontier walls” under “architecture” to the method of construction. If it is necessary to cover both aspects, a search will have to be made under two different subjects. To refine your search it is possibile to combine results. Looking e.g. for the construction of frontier walls in Scotland (Hadrianswall) you may look for “topography” – “countries” – “Great Britain” – “Scotland”, then for  “architecture” – “monuments” – “fortifications” – “frontier walls” and then combine the two results using the Boolean operator “and”.

In September we have referenced 2764 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography”, evaluating 80 new volumes of periodicals and 171 monographs of all kind. You will find the list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals below as ever. The list of the new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links for the online resources.Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

New monographs (new monographs September 2015/pdf)

  1. A companion to the archaeology of religion in the ancient world. (Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell, 2015), ed. Raja, R.; Rüpke, J.
  2. Accidental and experimental archaeometallurgy. (London, The Historical Metallurgy Society, 2013), ed. Dungworth, D.; Doonan, R.C.P., (The Historical Metallurgy Society. Occasional publication, 7)
  3. Aimone, M.: Il tesoro di Canoscio. (Roma, Bretschneider, 2015)
  4. Algrain, I.: L’alabastre attique. Origine, forme et usages. (Bruxelles, CReA-Patrimoine, 2014), (Etudes d’archéologie, 7)
  5. Ambrosini, L.: La Tomba Galeassi di Palestrina. (Roma, Istituto di studi sul Mediterraneo antico, 2015), (Quaderni dell’Istituto di studi sul Mediterraneo antico, 1)
  6. Anastasio, S.; Botarelli, L.: The 1927 – 1938 Italian Archaeological Expedition to Transjordan in Renato Bartoccini’archives. (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2015)
  7. Anson, E.M.: Eumenes of Cardia. A Greek among Macedonians. [New edition](Leiden, Brill, 2015) First edition 2004,  (Mnemosyne. Supplementa, 383)
  8. Archaeometry. Comparing experiences. (Napoli, Naus, 2014), ed. Greco, G.; Cicala, L., (Quaderni del Centro studi Magna Grecia, 19)
  9. Atti del XX Colloquio dell’Associazione italiana per lo studio e la conservazione del mosaico (Roma, 19-22 marzo 2014. Indici degli atti del colloqui XI – XX. (Tivoli, Edizioni scripta manent, 2015), ed. Angelelli, C.; Paribeni, A.; Lugari, A.
  10. Auguste, son époque et l’Augusteum de Narona. Actes du colloque organisé par l’Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres et l’Universitè catholique de Croatie (Zagreb) à l’Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres le 12 décembre 2014. (Paris, Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, 2015), ed. Gros, P.; Marin, E.; Zink, M.
  11. Augustus. Roms erster Kaiser. Tyrann oder Lichtgestalt? Wie Augustus di antike Welt veränderte und warum er uns bis heute fasziniert. (Hamburg, Bucerius, 2014), ed. Erenz, B.
  12. Bachmann, C.: Wenn man die Welt als Gemälde betrachtet. Studien zu den Eikones Philostrats des Älteren. (Heidelberg, Verlag Antike, 2015)
  13. Bartusis, M.C.: Land and privilege in Byzantium. The institution of pronoia. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2012)
  14. Baus, L.: Kaiserin Agrippina und Seneca. Die Rehabilitaion. (Homburg, Asclepios, 2015)
  15. Beckwith, C.I.: Greek Buddha. Pyrrho’s encounter with early Buddhism in Central Asia. (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2015)
  16. Bertesago, S.M.; Garaffa, V.; Sorrentino, C.: L’area sacra di Grotte delle Fontanelle a Garaguso. I depositi votivi in proprietà Autera e Altieri. (Venosa, Osanna, 2015)
  17. Bes, P.: Once upon a time in the East. The chronological and geographical distrubution of Terra Sigillata and Red Slip Ware in the Roman East. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2015), (Roman and late antique Mediterranean pottery, 6)
  18. Böhr, E.: Corpus vasorum antiquorum. Deutschland, 98. Deutschland. München, Antikensammlungen ehemals Museum Antiker Kleinkunst, 18. Attisch bilingue und rotfigurige Schalen. (München, Beck, 2015)
  19. Bonnin, G.: Da Naxos à Amorgos. L’impérialisme athénien vu des Cyclades à l’époque classique. (Paris, Boccard, 2015), (Ausonius éditions. Scripta antiqua, 75)
  20. Brägger, R.: Actio auctoritatis. (Berlin, Duncker und Humblot, 2012), (Freiburger rechtsgeschichtliche Abhandlungen. Neue Folge, 67)
  21. Bravo Jiménez, S.: Control ideológico y territorial en el estrecho de Gibraltar en la antigüedad (siglos X-I a.C.). (Ceuta, Instituto de estudios ceutíes, 2014)
  22. Bridel, P.; Bigovic, S.: Le sanctuaire de la Grange des Dîmes à Avenches. Les temples et le péribole. Étude des architecture. (Lausanne, Cahiers d’archéologie romande, 2015) 2 Bde.,  (Cahiers d’archéologie romande, 156)
  23. Brixia. Roma e le genti del Po. Un incontro di culture, III – I secolo a.C. (Firenze, Giunti, 2015) Mostra Brescia 9.5.2015 – 17.1.2016,  ed. Malnati, L.; Manzelli, V.
  24. Broadie, S.: Nature and divinity in Plato’s “Timaeus”. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2012)
  25. Bromwich, J.: The Roman remains of Brittany, Normandy and the Loire Valley. A guide book. (o.O., Lucina Books, 2014)
  26. Bultrighini, I.: Demi attici della Paralia. (Lanciano, Carabba, 2015)
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  30. Calame, C.: Qu’est-ce que la mythologie grecque?(Paris, Gallimard, 2015), (Folio essais, 598)
  31. Cankardes-Senol, G.: Lexicon of eponym dies on Rhodian amphora stamps, 1. Eponyms A. (Alexandria, Centre d’études alexandrines, 2015), (Etudes alexandrines, 33)
  32. Cera, G.: Topografia e popolamento nell’Alto Salento. Il territorio di Mesagne dalla preistoria alla tarda antichità. (Foggia, Grenzi, 2015)
  33. Children and family in late antiquity. Life, death and interaction. (Leuven, Peeters, 2015), ed. Laes, C.; Mustakallio, K.; Vuolanto, V., (Interdisciplinary studies in ancient culture and religion, 15)
  34. Cityscaping. Constructing and modelling images of the city. (Berlin, de Gruyter, 2015), ed. Fuhrer, T.; Mundt, F.; Stenger, J., (Philologus. Supplementary volumes, 3)
  35. Climate and ancient societies. (Copenhagen, Museum Tusculanum Press, 2015), ed. Kerner, S.; Dann, R.J.; Bangsgaard, P.
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