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Uninterrupted increasing! 218 new monographs, 2149 new titles in November for the ‘Archaeological Bibliography’

December 1, 2020



Boston Public Library Foto: Jan David Hanrath

More and more documents in the “Archaeological Bibliography” are identified with “DOI” links now. Maby you came across some of those during your bibliographical research.  Here are some explainations regarding DOI and our intentions in adding them to the bibliographical records .


DOI is an acronym for “Digital Object Identifier”, meaning a “digital identifier of an object”. A DOI name is an identifier (not a location) of an entity on digital networks. It provides a system for persistent and actionable identification and interoperable exchange of managed information on digital Networks……The DOI system is designed to work over the Internet. A DOI name is permanently assigned to an object to provide a resolvable persistent network link to current information about that object, including where the object, or information about it, can be found on the Internet. While information about an object can change over time, its DOI name will not change. A DOI name can be resolved within the DOI system to values of one or more types of data relating to the object identified by that DOI name, such as a URL, an e-mail address, other identifiers and descriptive metadata” (From: doi Handbook. Introduction)

In November we have evaluated 218 new monographs and 45 new volumes of periodicals, gaining 2149 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography ”. Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

Below you will find the list of new monographs and periodicals which were referenced during the last month. We offer the list of monographs as pdf to simplify the printout. The list of new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links to the online resources and we have marked  – to simplify your research –  the open access journals. You may examine the contents of the respective monographs and periodicals within the database by using the search option “title” or “periodicals” and by navigating to the “children” of the chosen title.

New monographs (New monographs November 2020/pdf):

  1. 1993 – 2018. Venticinque anni di attività.  Da millenovecentonovantatré a duemiladiciotto. (Paestum, Fondazione Paestum, 2018) 82 S., Abb.
  2. 7 metros de la historia de Cádiz … Arqueología en El Olivillo y en el Colegio Mayor Universitario. (Cádiz, Universidad de Cádiz, 2019), ed. Bernal Casasola, D.; Vargas Girón, J.M.; Lara Medina, M.
  3. A future for our recent past. Model projects of modern heritage conservation in Europe. International conference, Leipzig, 7 – 9 November 2018. (Berlin, Bässler Verlag, 2020), ed. Brandt, S.; Haspel, J.; Kondrasev, L.V., (Icomos. Hefte des deutschen Nationalkomitees, 73)
  4. Acta Diurna. Beiträge des IX. Jahrestreffens junger Romanistinnen und Romanisten. (Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2017), ed. Forschner, B.; Willems, C.
  5. Adressat und Adressant in Antiken Briefen. Rollenkonfigurationen und kommunikative Strategien ingriechischer und römischer Epistolographie. (Bellaterra, de Gruyter, 2020), ed. Müller, G.M.; Retsch, S.; Schenk, J., (Beiträge zur Altertumskunde, 382)
  6. Ahmed, M.A.M.: Rural settlement and economic activity. Olive oil, wine and amphorae production on the Tarhuna plateau during the Roman period. (London, The Society for Libyan Studies, 2019) 
  7. Alba López, A.: Autoridad y poder en los escritos polemicos de Hilario de Poitiers. (Madrid, Signifer, 2013), (Mikrá, 5)
  8. Amicorum munera. Studi in onore di Antonio V. Nazzaro. (Napoli, Satura, 2016), ed. Luongo, G.
  9. Anatolien. Brücke der Kulturen. Aktuelle Forschungen und Perspektiven in den deutsch-türkischen Altertumswissenschaften. Kültürlerin Köprüsü Anadolu. Türk-Alman eskiçag bilimlerinde güncel bilimsel arastgrmalar ve yeni Bakgs  Açglarg, Tagungsband des Internationalen Symposiums  “Anatolien”. Brücke der Kulturen in Bonn vom 7. bis 9. Juli 2014, 7-9 Temmuz 2014’te Bonn’da yapglan Kültürlerin Köprüsü Anadolu’  konulu uluslararasi sempozyum kitabi. (: Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, 2015), ed. Yalçin, Ü.; Bienert, H.D., (Der Anschnitt. Beihefte, 27)
  10. Ancient monuments and modern identities. A critical history of archaeology in 19th and 20th century Greece. (London, Routledge, 2017), ed. Voutsaki, S.; Cartledge, P.
  11. Ancient theatre and performance culture around the Black Sea. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2019), ed. Braund, D.; Hall, E.; Wyles, R.
  12. Anderson, G.: Fantasy in Greek and Roman literature. (London, Routledge, 2019) 
  13. Archäologisches Erbe und soziale Praxis. Reflexionen aus Archäologie, Bauforschung und Ethnologie. (Berlin, Reimer, 2019), ed. Mollenhauer, A.; Gussone, M.; Lange, K.
  14. Armstrong, R.: Vergil’s green thoughts. Plants, humans, and the divine. (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2019) 
  15. Atack, C.: The discourse of kingship in classical Greece. (London, Routledge, 2019) 
  16. Athens and Attica in prehistory. Proceedings of the International Conference, Athens, 27-31 May 2015. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2020), ed. Papadimitriou, N.; Wright, J.C.; Fachard,  u.a.:
  17. Bailey, D.M.; Hartmann, R.; Pyke, G.: The Fayoum survey project. The Themistou Meris. Volume B. The ceramological survey. (Leuven, Peeters, 2019), (Collectanea hellenistica, 9)
  18. Baker, A.: Troy on display. Scepticism and wonder at Schliemann’s first exhibition. (London, Bloomsbury, 2020) 
  19. Ball, W.: Archaeological gazetter of Afghanistan. Revised edition. (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2019) 
  20. Barbaric splendour. The use of image before and after Rome. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2020), ed. Martin, T.F.; Morrisson, W.A.
  21. Berger, J.D.; Fontaine, J.; Schmidt, P.L. u.a.:Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft, 8. Die Literatur im Zeitalter des Theodosius (374 – 430 n.Chr.), 6, 1. Fachprosa, Dichtung, Kunstprosa. (München, Beck, 2020) 
  22. Bernard, L.: Le Verduron. Un établissement gaulois aux portes de Marseille grecque. (Aix-en-Provence, Presses universitaires de Provence, 2020) 
  23. Beyond reception. Renaissance humanism and the transformation of classical antiquity. (Berlin, de Gruyter, 2019), ed. Baker, P.; Helmrath, J.; Kallendorf, C., (Transformationen der Antike, 62)
  24. Boanelli, F.: La Gens Cossinia di Tivoli (II a. C.- I. d. C.). (Tivoli, Azienda grafica Meschini, 2020) 
  25. Boll, T.: Ciceros Rede ‘cum senatui gratias egit.’ Ein Kommentar. (Berlin, de Gruyter, 2019), (Göttinger Forum für Altertumswissenschaft. Beihefte. Neue Folge, 10)
  26. Bonanno, V.: Musei e Parchi archeologici. Le architetture di Franco Minissi. (Ann Arbor, Arbor sapientiae, 2019), (Italian research on ancient world, 7)
  27. Bosa. La città e il suo territoriodall’età antica al mondo contemporaneo. (Sassari, Delfino, 2016), ed. Mattone, A.; Cocco, M.B.
  28. Boutsikas, E.: The Cosmos in ancient Greek religious experience. Sacred space, memory, and cognition. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2020)  [
  29. Braccesi, L.: Olimpiade, regina di Macedonia. La madre di Alessandro Magno. (Roma, Salerno, 2019), (Piccoli saggi, 62)
  30. Braito, S.: L’imprenditoria al femminile nell’Italia romana. Le produttrici di opus doliare. (Roma, Scienze e Lettere, 2020), (Armariolum. Studi dedicati alla vita quotidana nel mondo classico, 2)
  31. Breastfeeding(s) and religions. Normative prescriptions and individual appropriations. Cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives from antiquity to the present. (Roma, Scienze e Lettere, 2019), ed. Pedrucci, G., (Sacra publica et privata, 9)
  32. Bresson, A.: The making of ancient Greek economy. Institutions, markets, and growth in the city-state. (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2016) 
  33. Brill’s companion to Classics and early anthropology. (Leiden, Brill, 2018), ed. Varro, E.
  34. Briscoe, J.: Liviana. Studies on Livy. (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 2018) 
  35. Buiskikh, A.V.: Arkhaicheskaya raspisnaya keramika iz Borisfena  (raskopki 1960-1980 gg.)(Kiev, National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine, 2019) 
  36. Cabrera Tejedor, C.: From Hispalis to Ishbiliyya. The ancient port of Seville, from the Roman empire to the end of the Islamic period (45 BC-AD 1248). (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2019) 
  37. Cannavò, V.; Levi, S.T.; Brunelli, D.: Atlas of ceramic fabrics, 2. Italy. Southern Tyrrhenian. Neolithic – bronze age. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2018) 
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  45. Città della Pieve e il territorio in etá etrusca. Ritrovamenti recenti, vecchie scoperte e collezionismo archeologico. (Città della Pieve, Comune Città della Pieve, 2019) open access, [ ]
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New volumes of periodicals:

Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres. Comptes rendus des séances de l’année 19(20)xx (2018) Nr.2

Acta classica. Verhandelinge van die Klassieke Vereniging van Suid-Afrika. Proceedings of the Classical Association of South Africa 63 (2020) Nr.1  online edition

American Journal of Philology 141 (2020) Nr.3  online edition

Ancient West and East 19 (2010)  online edition

Annales. Histoire, sciences sociales 71 (2016) Nr.4, Nr.2  online edition

Annales. Histoire, sciences sociales 74 (2019)  Nr.2, Nr.3-4  online edition

Annales. Histoire, sciences sociales 75 (2020)  Nr.1  online edition

Antiquity 94 (2020) Nr.377   online edition

Archeologia classica 71 (2020) 

Bericht der Römisch-Germanischen Kommission 97 (2016)[2020]  online edition   open access

Bollettino d’arte 42 (2019)  online edition

Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2020)  Nr.10  online resource

Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2020)  Nr.11  online resource

Byzantinische Zeitschrift 113 (2020)  online edition

Classical World 114 (2020-21) Nr.1  online edition

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European Journal of Archaeology 23 (2020) Nr.3  online edition

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Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 63-64 (2018-19) 

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Ocnus 27 (2019)   online edition   open access

Open Theology 6 (2020) Nr.1   online edition   open access

Papers of the British School at Rome 88 (2020)  online edition

Philologus 164 (2020) Nr.2  online edition

Quaderni di storia 91 (2020)  click on the link for contents

Quaderni di storia 92 (2020) click on the link for contents

Rendiconti della Accademia di archeologia, lettere e belle arti, Napoli 78 (2016-17)

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Broadenig the view getting into detail. Exploiting the catalogue sheets of the ‘Museo nazionale romano’. Plus … 2019 new titles for the ‘Archaeological Bibliography’ in October

November 2, 2020


Katie Thebeau

Museo nazionale romano, Roma. Foto: Katie Thebeau

The “Museo nazionale romano consists of several branches in separate buildings throughout Rome: Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Aula Ottagona, Palazzo Altemps, Terme di Diocleziano and Crypta Balbi. The archaeological collection is one of the most important in the world. We have begun referring the more extensive catalogue sheets of the famous catalogue-series of the “Museo nazionale romano”which was begun in 1979 under the direction of  Prof. Antonio Giuliano and published in Rome by De Luca. Untile now we have evaluated the contents of the first three volumes :

Museo nazionale romano, 1. Le sculture, 1. Sale di esposizione. (Roma : De Luca, 1979) XX, 347 S., Abb. ed. Giuliano, A.

Museo nazionale romano, 1. Le sculture, 2. Ali del chiostro. (Roma : De Luca, 1981) XIII, 369 S., Abb. ed. Giuliano, A.

Museo nazionale romano, 1. Le sculture, 3. [Catalogo delle sculture esposte nel giardino del chiostro] (Roma : De Luca, 1982) XI, 216 S., Abb. Taf. ed. Giuliano, A.

Furthermore: In October we have evaluated 147 new monographs and 61 volumes of periodicals, gaining 2019 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography ”. Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

Below you will find the list of new monographs and periodicals which were referenced during the last month. We offer the list of monographs as pdf to simplify the printout. The list of new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links to the online resources.  Besides we have marked  – to simplify your research –  the open access journals. You may examine the contents of the respective monographs and periodicals within the database by using the search option “title” or “periodicals” and by navigating to the “children” of the chosen title.

New monographs (New monographs October 2020/pdf):

  1. A l’école de l’antiquité. Hommages à Ghislaine Viré. (Bruxelles, Latomus, 2020), ed. Sans, B.; Vanhalme, C., (Collection Latomus, 361)
  2. Africa – Ifriqiya. continuity and change in North Africa from the Byzantine to the Early Islamic Age. Papers of a conference held in Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano – Terme di Diocleziano, 28 February – 2 March 2013. (Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2019), ed. Bockmann, R.; Leone, A.; Rummel, P.v., (Palilia, 34)
  3. Alalakh and its neighbours. Proceedings of the 15th Anniversary Symposium at the New Hatay Archaeology Museum, 10-12 June 2015. (Leuven, Peeters, 2020), ed. Yener, K.A.; Ingman, T., (Ancient Near Eastern studies. Supplements, 55)
  4. Amour. Une histoire des manières d’aimer. [Exposition Lens, 26 septembre 2018 au 21 janvier 2019.](Paris, Lienart, 2018), ed. Gourarier, Z.
  5. Anastasi, M.; Cardona, D.; Cutajar, N.: Pottery from Roman Malta. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2019), (Malta Archaeological Review Supplement, 1)
  6. Antike Naturwissenschaft und ihre Rezeption, 30. (Trier, Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2019), ed. Althoff, J.; Föllinger, S.; Wöhrle, G.
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  8. Arizza, M.: Tra ostentazione e austerità. Le tombe di Veio tra VI e IV sec. a.C. (Roma, Arbor sapientiae, 2020), (Bibliotheca Etrusca, 3)
  9. Aus dem Tempel und dem ewigen Genuß des Geistes verstoßen? Karl Marx und sein Einfluss auf die Altertums- und Geschichtswissenschaften. (Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2020), ed. Deglau, C.; Reinhard, P., (Philippika. Altertumswissenschaftliche Abhandlungen. Contributions to the study of ancient world cultures [former: Philippika. Marburger altertumskundliche Abhandlungen ], 126)
  10. Aussenräume in Innenräumen. Die musealen Raumkonzeptionen von Walter Andrae und Theodor Wiegand im Pergamonmuseum. (Berlin, Holy Verlag, 2018), ed. Maischberger, M.; Fellerhoff, B., (Berliner Schriften zur Museumskunde, 37)
  11. Baboulène-Miellou, N.: Le créateur et sa créature. Le mythe de Pygmalion et ses métamorphoses dans les arts occidentaux. (Toulouse, Presses universitaires du Midi, 2016) 
  12. Bätz, A.: Seelen der Stadt. Bibliotheken im kaiserzeitlichen Rom. (Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2020) 
  13. Beeson, A.; Nichol, M.; Appleton, J.: The Boxford mosaic. A unique survivor from the Roman age. (Newbury, Countryside Books, 2019) 
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New volumes of periodicals:

Aegyptus 99 (2019)  online edition

Anatolian Studies 70 (2020)  online edition

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Art History. Journal of the Association of Art Historians 41 (2018) 

Atti e memorie. Deputazione di storia patria per le antiche provincie modenesi 42 (2020) click on the link for contents

Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale 103 (2003) online edition  (open access)

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Like a power boost: 201 volumes of periodicals evaluated in September. 3214 new titles for the ‘Archaeological Bibliography’

October 5, 2020


Aimee Rivers Leeds Castle

Library, Leeds Castle. Foto: Aimee Rivers.

Structuring knowledge:     Besides the free search, keyword- and author-search, searches for title and part of a title, journals and series, we offer the systematic tree with more than 30.000 keyword arranged in a hierarchical, tree-like structure. Starting from generic key terms like “topography”, “history of art”, “plastic art and sculpture”, “architecture” etc. you may “click” your way down to very specific terms. To specify your research even further you have the possibility to combine results and to choose the date range of publication. At the end of your search you may export your result (up to 500 titles) in any form you wish. The structure of the subject- tree is  constantly under construction: if a branch gets too crowed, too many titles, we split the structure in more sub-divisions.

In September we have evaluated 158 new monographs and 201 new volumes of periodicals, gaining 3214 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography ”. Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

Below you will find the list of new monographs and periodicals which were referenced during the last month. We offer the list of monographs as pdf to simplify the printout. The list of new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links to the online resources.  Besides we have marked  – to simplify your research –  the open access journals. You may examine the contents of the respective monographs and periodicals within the database by using the search option “title” or “periodicals” and by navigating to the “children” of the chosen title.

New monographs (New monographs September 2020/pdf):

  1. Agai, B.; Pataki, Z.: Orientalische Reisende in Europa. Europäische Reisende im Nahen Osten. Bilder vom Selbst und Imaginationen des Anderen. (Berlin, EB-Verlag, 2010), (Bonner Islamstudien, 19)
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  7. Apologists and Athens. Early Christianity meets ancient Greek thinking. (Helsinki, Suomen Ateenan-instituutin säätiö, 2020), ed. Hallström, G. af, (Papers and monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens, 25)
  8. Archaeology and photography. Time, objectivity and archive. (London, Bloomsbury, 2020), ed. McFadyen, L.; Hicks, D.
  9. Arte dal Mediterraneo al mar della Cina. Genesi ed incontri di scuole e stili. Scritti in onore di Paola Mortari Vergara Caffarelli. (Palermo, Officina di studi medievali, 2015), ed. Fedi, P.; Paolillo, M.
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To restart again: 2392 new titles in August.

August 31, 2020



Duke Humfrey’s Library Interior, Bodleian Library, Oxford, UK. Foto by Diliff – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

We have been busy the last month concentrating on the new volumes of the scientific journals once more  and coming across some entirly new releases, that might be of interest for you: 

“Afghanistan”  is published on behalf of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies. “It covers all subjects in the humanities including history, art, archaeology, architecture, geography, numismatics, literature, religion, social sciences and contemporary issues from the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods. Articles are not restricted to the present borders of Afghanistan and can include the surrounding regions, but must relate to Afghanistan”.

Ricerche ellenistiche is an International Scholarly Journal. “According to the conventional division of Greek history, the death of Alexander the Great ushered in a new and complex period which (after Johann Gustav Droysen) we call ‘Hellenism’. Broadening horizons, recreation of borders, political transformations, cultural experiments: these are just some of the many distinctive aspects of this long phase that have particularly stimulated scientific research in recent years, perhaps due to their resonance with important topics today. “Ricerche ellenistiche” contributes to these considerations starting from a broad notion of Hellenism, extending both to Philip and Alexander, the figures who historically brought it about, and to various cultural experiences that even during the Roman Empire continued to look to the paradigm of Grecism. Thanks to the profound interaction between experiences and perspectives that characterize this long chronological period, the journal offers not only articles on history and epigraphy (with discussion of well-known themes or presentation of new documents), but also on literature, philosophy, archeology and art history, in hopes of stimulating dialogue between disciplines and skills.

Athens University Review of Archaeology(AURA) “is an international, peer-reviewed archaeological journal published annually by the Faculty of History and Archaeology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. It is dedicated to the publication of original research articles and reports focusing on, or related to the archaeology, art and material culture in the broader Greek world, from the earliest prehistory to the modern era”. 

In August we have evaluated 104 new monographs and 139 new volumes of periodicals, gaining 2392 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography ”. Below you will find the list of new monographs and periodicals which were referenced during the last month. We offer the list of monographs as pdf to simplify the printout. The list of new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links to the online resources. And…we have marked  – to simplify your research –  the open access journals. You may examine the contents of the respective monographs and periodicals within the database by using the search option “title” or “periodicals” and by navigating to the “children” of the chosen title.

Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

New monographs (New monographs August 2020/pdf):

  1. Abitare in Magna Grecia. L’età arcaica. Atti del Convegno, Napoli-Paestum, 15-16 marzo 2018. (Positano, ETS, 2020), ed. Zuchtriegel, G.; Pesando, F., (Argonautica, 2)
  2. Aksit, I.: Anatolian civilizations and antique cities of Turkey. (Ankara 2019) , (Ministry of culture and tourism
  3. Ambrogi, A.; Paris, R.: Il Museo della Via Appia Antica. Nel Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella – Castrum Caetani. (Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2020), (Studia archaeologica, 234)
  4. Amorós López, I.: Ideología, poder y ritual en el paisaje ibérico. Procesos sociales y prácticas rituales en el área central de la Contestania. (Valencia, Diputació de València, 2019), (Serie de trabajos varios, 123)
  5. Anadolu’da hellenistik ve Roma dönemleri’nde ölü gömme adetleri uluslararasi sempozyumu. Bildiri Kitabi (23 – 26 Temmuz 2018). The book of International Symposium on burial customs in Anatolia during the Hellenistic and Roman periods (July 23 – 26, 2018). (Ankara, Yayinlari, 2019), ed. Özer, E.; Türkan, A.; Dinç,  u.a.:, (Aizanoi, 4)
  6. Anastasio, S.; Arbeid, B.: Egitto, Iraq ed Etruria nelle fotografie di John Alfred Spranger. Viaggi e ricerche archeologiche (1929 – 1936). (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2019) 
  7. Ancient waterlands. (Marseille, Presses universitaires de Provence, 2019), ed. Robinson, B.A.; Bouffier, S.; Fumadó Ortega, I.
  8. Antigüedad clásica y naciones modernas en el viejo e el nuevo mundo. (Madrid, Polifemo, 2018), ed. Duplá Ansuátegui, A.; Dell’Elicine, E.; Pérez Mostazo, J.
  9. Antike und Klassizismus. Winckelmanns Erbe in Russland. Akten des Internationalen Kongresses St. Petersburg, 30. September – 1. Oktober 2015. (Petersberg, Imhof, 2017), ed. Kunze, M.; Lappo-Danilevskij, K., (Cyriacus. Studien zur Rezeption der Antike, 10)
  10. Antiquitates variae. Festschrift für Karl Strobel zum 65. Geburtstag. (Rahden, Leidorf, 2019), ed. Lafer, R.; Dolenz, H.; Luik, M., (Internationale Archäologie. Studia honoraria, 39)
  11. Atti del I Convegno annuale, Roma settembre 2019. DTC Lazio. Distretto tecnologico Beni e attività culturali. Centro di eccellenza. (Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2020), ed. Arcangioli, C.; Sarto, M.S., (Studia archaeologica, 235)
  12. Benedettini, M.G.; Moretti Sgubini, A.M.: Un grande santuario interetnico. Lucus Feroniae. Scavi 2000 – 2010. (Pisa, ETS, 2019) 2 Bde.,, (Mousai. Laboratorio di archeologia e storia delle arti, 21)
  13. Berenfeld, M.L.: The Triconch House. (Wiesbaden, Reichert, 2019), (Aphrodisias, 11)
  14. Bigot, F.: Production et commerce des amphores gauloises sur le littoral et dans les ports de Narbonnaise. (Drémil-Lafage, Mergoil, 2020), (Archéologie et histoire romaine, 44)
  15. Boundaries of territories and peoples in Roman Italy and beyond. (Bari, Edipuglia, 2019), ed. Luciani, F.; Migliario, E.
  16. Bürger-Ethos, politisches Engagement und die Bewahrung des Status Quo. Plutarch, Politische Ratschläge. Eingeleitet, übersetzt und mit interpretierenden Essays versehen. (Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2020), ed. Lehmann, G.A., (Sapere, 35)
  17. Cadelo, E.: L’oceano degli antichi. I viaggi dei Romani in America. (Gorizia, Liberia editrice goriziana, 2018), (Biblioteca LEG, 12)
  18. Care or neglect? Evidence of animal disease in archaeology. (Oxford, Oxbow, 2018), ed. Bartosiewicz, L.; Gál, E.
  19. Cariddi, L.: Cirene e l’acqua. Ricerche e documenti sulla gestione delle risorse idriche in città e nella chora,(: L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2020), (Monografie di archeologia libica, 48)
  20. Ceramics and Atlantic connections. Late Roman and early medieval imported pottery on the Atlantic seaboard. Proceedings of an International Symposium, Newcastle University, March 26th – 27th 2014. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2020), ed. Duggan, M.; Turner, S.; Jackson, M., (Roman and late antique Mediterranean pottery, 15)
  21. Clausus est Iaunus. Augusto e a transformación do noroeste hispano. (Lugo, Servicio de la publicaciónes da diputación de Lugo, 2016), ed. Dopico Caínzos, M.D.; Villanueva Acuña, M., (Philtáte, 1)
  22.  Cursi, M.: Le forme del libro. Dalla tavoletta cerata all’e-book. (Bologna, Il Mulino, 2016) 
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  24. D’Angelo, G.: Il concetto di “potestas” nell’editto “de noxalibus actionibus”. Per una ricostruzione della fase in iure del processo nossale classico. (Torino, Giappichelli, 2017) 
  25. Dell’Acqua, A.: La decorazione architettonica di Brescia romana. fici. Edifici e monumenti funerari dall’età repubblicana alla tarda antichità. (Roma, Quasar, 2020), (Costruire nel mondo antico, 2)
  26. Der Aufbruch zu neuen Horizonten. Neue Sichtweisen zur europäischen Frühbronzezeit. Abschlusstagung der Forschergruppe FOR550 vom 26. bis 29. November 2010 in Halle (Saale). (Halle, Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte, 2019), ed. Meller, H.; Bertemes, F., (Tagungen des Landesmuseums für Vorgeschichte Halle, 19)
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  33. Fiscalità ed epigrafia nel mondo romano Atti del convegno internazionale (Catania, 28-29 giugno 2019). (Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2020), ed. Soraci, C., (Bibliotheca aperta, 1)
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