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A hot summer: 215 new volumes of periodicals in August. Welcome back to work!

September 2, 2018


Martien Brand; Biblioteca Joanina, Portugal

Foto: Martien Brand – Biblioteca Joanina, Coimbra

We keept busy in August continuing to complete the list of scientific journals, a systematic work, that we begun in July, as you may remember.  In August we have added 215 recent and former volumes or fascicles of various periodicals. First of all we finished to evaluate all volumes  of “Mediterranean archaeology and archaeometry”, an open access journal published since 2001 by The University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes, Greece. “The International Journal MAA encourages international discussion on the coupling between archaeology and archaeometry in their broader sense, initiating forums of discussion on the establishment of widely accepted criteria of correct approach and solution of particularly current and future archaeological problems.” Furthermore we have added the contents of some new volumes of Fastionline, FOLD&R Italy Series, which develops from a project of the International Association of Classical Archaeology (AIAC) and the Center for the Study of Ancient Italy of the University of Texas at Austin (CSAI). “The journal is dedicated to the proposition that reports on all excavations should be easily available to the general public. It is a peer-reviewed journal, with an editorial board that covers all of the archaeological disciplines”.  And we are now referencing  Nova Tellus, a scientific journal dedicated to the diffusion of research in the philological area and the classical tradition. It’s the official instrument of communication of the “Centro de Estudios Clásicos del Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas of the “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México”. Finally we would like to bring “Techne. La science au service de l’histoire de l’art et des civilisations“, the journal of the “Laboratoire de recherche des musées de France” to your attention. We evaluated it in the library of the ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) at Rome this summer.

So in August we have evaluated 215 new volumes of periodicals and 99 new monographs, gaining 2201 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography ”. You will find the list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals below as ever.
Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

New monographs (New monographs August 2018/pdf):

  1. “Archaeologizing” heritage? Transcultural entanglements between local social practices and global virtual realities. Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Cultural heritage and the temples of Angkor (Chair of Global art history, Heidelberg University, 2-5 May 2010). (Berlin, Springer, 2013), ed. Falser, M.; Juneja, M.
  2. 12th International Conference of Archaeological Prospection, 12-16th September 2017. The University of Bradford. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2017), ed. Jennnings, B.; Gaffney, C.; Sparrow, T.
  3. 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World. 11-26 May 2018 Cologne-Bonn. Abstracts. Keynotes, panels and papers, posters, workshops. (Cologne, AIAC, 2018), ed. Kleinschmidt, S.; Wozniok, D.; Avenarius,  u.a.:
  4. 3D recording, documentation and management of cultural heritage. (Dunbeath, Whittles Publishing, 2016), ed. Stylianidis, E.; Remondino, F.
  5. Agius, A.; Khalil, E.; Scerri, E. u.a.:Human interaction with the environment in the Red Sea. Selected papers of Red Sea Project, 6. (Leiden, Brill, 2017)
  6. Alexandre le Grand. Histoire, image, interprétations. Alexander the Great. History, image, interpretations. (Bucuresti, Editura Universitii din Bucuresti, 2016), ed. Cizek, A.; Cioba, M.; Tudor, D.
  7. Antike im Druck. Zwischen Imagination und Empirie. Begleitband zur Ausstellung des Institus für Klassische Archäologie und des Kunsthistorischen Instituts im Museum der Universität Tübingen Mut, Schloss Hohentübingen, 13. Juli – 9. September 2018, Museum der Universität Tübingen Mut. Graphische Sammlung am Kunsthistorischen Institut. (Tübingen, Museum der Universität Tübingen MUT, 2018), ed. Lipps, J.; Pawlak, A., (Schriften des Museums der Universität Tübingen, 17)
  8. Archaeological heritage policies and management structures. Proceedings of the XVII UISPP World Congres (1-7 September 2014, Burgos, Spain), 15. Sessions A15a, A15b, A15c. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2017), ed. Robrahn-González, E.M.; Lüth, F.; Cámara,  u.a.:
  9. Arrigoni, G.: Dei e piante nell’antica Grecia, 1. Riflessioni metodologiche. Efesto, Demetra in Grecia, Magna Grecia e Sicilia. Kore Persefone, Ecate, Apollo, Afrodite. (Bergamo, Sestante, 2018)
  10. Atkins, R.; Blinkhorn, P.; Cairncross, B. u.a.:Late ironage and Roman settlement at Bozeat Quarry, Northamptonshire. Excavations 1995 – 2016. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2018)
  11. Aufschnaiter, M.: Minoische Sanitäranlagen und Abwassersysteme. Untersuchungen von Räumen mit Abflüssen unter Berücksichtigung der Wasserversorung in minomischem Kontext. (Bonn, Habelt, 2018) 2 Bde.,  (Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie, 315)
  12. Autour de l’hématite. Circulation et transformation au cours de la préhistoire récente. Actes de la table-ronde internationale, 7-8.2.2013, Namur (Jambes). About haematite. Procurement and transformation during recent prehistory. (Bruxelles, Société royale belge d’anthropologie et prèhistoire, 2016), ed. Billard, C., (Anthropologica et praehistorica, 143)
  13. Aziz al-Azmeh: The emergence of Islam in late antiquity. Allah and his people. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2014)
  14. Badel, C.: La république romaine. (Paris, PUF, 2017)
  15. Bañuls Oller, J.V.; De Martino, F.: Teatro y sociedad en la anigüedad clásica el coro dramático, un personaje singular. (Bari, Levante editori, 2017), (Le Rane. Studi, 64)
  16. Belinskij, A.B.; Härke, H.; Bogatenkov, D.V. u.a.:Ritual, society and population at Klin-Yar (North Caucasus). Excavations 1994 – 1996 in the iron age to early medieval cemetery. (Bonn, Habelt, 2018), (Archäologie in Eurasien, 36)
  17. Bieberstein, K.: A brief history of Jerusalem. From the earliest settlement to the destruction of the city in A.D. 70. (Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2017), (Abhandlungen des Deutschen Palästinavereins, 47)
  18. Billows, R.A.: Before and after Alexander. The legend and legacy of Alexander the Great. (New York, Duckworth, 2018)
  19. Bonae gratiae. Meletes romaïkes gluptikes pros times tes kathegetrias Theodosias Stephanidou-Tiberiou. Essays on Roman sculpture in honour of Professor Theodosia Stefanidou-Tiveriou. (Thessaloníke, University Studio Press, 2017), ed. Voutiras, E.; Papagianni, E.; Kazakidi, N.
  20. Braccesi, L.: Zenobia, l’ultima regina d’Oriente. L’assedio di Palmira e lo scontro con Roma. (Roma, Salerno, 2017), (Mosaici, 3)
  21. Brown, A.R.: Corinth in late antiquity. A Greek, Roman and Christian city. (London, Tauris, 2018)
  22. Bruit Zaidman, L.; Schmitt Pantel, P.: La religion grecque. Dans les cités à l’époque classique. 5e édition. (Paris, Colin, 2017)
  23. Buis, E.J.: Taming Ares. War, interstate law, and humanitarian discourse in classical Greece. (Leiden, Brill, 2017), (Legal History Library, 26)
  24. Burgersdijk, D.: De macht van de traditie. Het keizerschap van Augustus en Constantijn,(Amsterdam, Polak en Van Gennep, 2016)
  25. Busen, T.: Baugeschichte, Bauforschung, Denkmalpflege an der Technischen Universität München 1868-2018. (München, TUM University Press, 2018)
  26. Bushnell, L.: Precious commodities. The socio-economic implications of the distribution of juglets in the eastern Mediterranean during the middle and late bronze age. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2016), (British archaeological reports. International series, 2826)
  27. Capellini, S.: Museo archeologico dell’Alto Mantovano di Cavriana (Mantova). Le lucerne. (Roma, Scienze e Lettere, 2018)
  28. Chulsky, C.: Notables nîmois. Magistrats, chevaliers et sénateurs issus de la cité de Nîmes à l’époque romaine (milieu du Ier siècle av. n. è.-début du IIIe siècle de n. è.). (Nimes, Revue archéologique de Narbonnaise, 2018), (Revue archéologique de Narbonnaise. Suppléments, 47)
  29. Cittadini, T.: L’arte rupestre di Foppe di Nadro. (Capo di Ponte, Edizioni del Centro, 2017), (Archivi. Monografie di preistoria, di arte preistorica e primitiva (tribale), 19)
  30. Conservation of cultural heritage in the Arab region. Issues in the conservation and management of heritage sites. (Rome, International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, 2017), (Selected readings from ICCROM-ATHAR, 1)
  31. Cozzo, A.: Stranieri. Figure dell’altro nella Grecia antica. (Trapani, Di Girolamo editore, 2014)
  32. DeLanda, M.: Assemblage theory. (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2016)
  33. Domingo, R.: Roman law. An introduction. (London, Routledge, 2018)
  34. Elliott, S.M.: Family empires, Roman and Christian, 1. Roman family empires. Household, empire, resistance. (Salem (Oregon), Polebridge Press, 2018)
  35. Estudios para la configuración de las facies cerámicas altoimperialesn en el sur de la Península ibérica. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2018), ed. Ruiz Montes, P.; Peinado Espinosa, M.V.; Fernández García, M.I., (Roman and late antique Mediterranean pottery, 11)
  36. Farhi, Y.: Khirbet Qeiyafa, 5. Excavation report 2007 – 2013. The numismatic finds. Coins and related objects. (Jerusalem, Israel Exploration Society, 2016)
  37. Fernández Ochoa, C.; Salido Domínguez, J.: El poder de Roma. (Madrid, BoletIn oficial de la comunidad de Madrid, 2016)
  38. Gaifman, M.: The art of libation in classical Athens. (New Haven, Yale University Press, 2018)
  39. Gazdac, C.; Neagoe, M.: Wealthy or not in a time of turmoil? The Roman imperial hoard from Gruia in Roman Dacia (Romania). (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2018), (Archaeopress. Roman Archaeology, 41)
  40. Gillespie, C.C.: Boudica. Warrior woman of Roman Britain. Women in antiquity. (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2018)
  41. Greek medical literature and its readers. From Hippocrates to Islam and Byzantium. (New York, Routledge, 2018), ed. Bouras-Vallianatos, P.; Xenophontos, S.
  42. Hagen, J.: Die Tränen der Mächtigen und die Macht der Tränen. Eine emotionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung des Weinens in der kaiserzeitlichen Historiographie. (Stuttgart, Steiner, 2017), (Altertumswissenschaftliches Kolloquium, 24)
  43. Heald, A.; Barber, J.: Caithess archaeology. Aspects of prehistory. (Dunbeath, Whittles Publishing, 2015)
  44. Howley, J.A.: Aulus Gellius and Roman reading culture. Text, presence, and imperial knowledge in the “Noctes Atticae”. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2018)
  45. Il gioco nell’antica Roma. Profili storico-giuridici. (Torino, Giappichelli, 2017), ed. Fasolino, F.; Palma, A.
  46. Key concepts in Public Archaeology. (London, UCL Press, 2017), ed. Moshenska, G.
  47. Knowing bodies, passionate souls. Sense perceptions in Byzantium. (Washington, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, 2017), ed. Harvey, S.A.; Mullett, M.
  48. Laes, C.: Disabilities and the disabled in the Roman world. A social and cultural history. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2018)
  49. Landscapes of dread in classical antiquity. Negative emotion in natural and constructed spaces. (Oxon, Routledge, 2018), ed. Felton, D.
  50. L’antiquite écarlate. Le sang des anciens. (Rennes, Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2017), ed. Bodiou, L.; Mehl, V.
  51. London, G.: Ancient cookware from the Levant. An ethnoarchaeological perspective. (Sheffield, Equinox, 2016)
  52. Maschek, D.: Die römischen Bürgerkriege. Archäologie und Geschichte einer Krisenzeit. (Mainz, von Zabern, 2018)
  53. Mastrocinque, A.: The mysteries of Mithras. A different account. (Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2017)
  54. Mater Campaniae. La divinità femminile tra arte e tradizione. (Capua, Artetetra, 2016), ed. Bianco, C.
  55. Memento dierum antiquorum… Festschrift für Majolie Lenerz-de Wilde zum 70. Geburtstag. (Hagen, Curach bhán publications, 2017), ed. Brandherm, D., (Archaeologia Atlantica. Monographiae, 1)
  56. Montemayor García, A.: La trama de los discursos y las artes. El canon de Policleto de Argos. (México, Consejo nacional para la cultura y las artes, 2013)
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  62. Perspektiven der Spolienforschung, 2. Zentren und Konjunkturen der Spoliierung. (Berlin, Edition Topoi, 2017), ed. Altekamp, S.; Marcks-Jacobs, C.; Seiler, P., (Topoi. Berlin studies of the ancient world, 40)
  63. Public archaeology and climate change. (Oxford, Oxbow, 2017), ed. Dawson, T.; Nimura, C.; Lopez-Romero,  u.a.:
  64. Quattrocchi, L.: Mosaici funerari tardoantichi in Italia. Repertorio e analisi. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2018)
  65. Rhodes, P.J.: The Athenian constitution. Written in the school of Aristotle. (Liverpool, Liverpool University Press, 2017)
  66. Roller, D.W.: Cleopatra’s daugher and other royal women of the Augustan era. (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2018)
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‘Clio. Histoire, femmes et sociétés’, ‘Mediterranean archaeology and archaeometry’, ‘Sehepunkte’. More online journals in ‘Dyabola’. 2172 new titles in July.

July 30, 2018



Athenian Acropolis, Foto: ransson

This summer we decided to complete the list of the journals print and online. At the moment Dyabola cites 3572 different scientific periodicals. The most of them are published print and online, some of them exclusively online. By clicking on the link in the bibliographical reference, a new window will be opened showing access to the full text.  You may access the doi  links to  contents liable to costs via the proxy-server of your University or Institution.  This month we have completed the list of volumes of Mediterranean archaeology and archaeometry”, an open access journal published since 2001 by The University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes, Greece. “The International Journal MAA encourages international discussion on the coupling between archaeology and archaeometry in their broader sense, initiating forums of discussion on the establishment of widely accepted criteria of correct approach and solution of particularly current and future archaeological problems.” The journal Clio. Histoire, femmes et sociétéshas been newly added to the contents of Dyabola. Clio. Histoire, femmes et sociétés is a bi-annual French gender history journal (formerly CLIO, Histoire, Femmes et Sociétés), which promotes submissions from scholars working on the history of women and gender in all parts of the world and in all periods. And we have added the latest fascicles of “Sehepunkte“, which is interdisciplinary online journal. It presents not only an ever-changing repertoire of reviews but also discussions of both monographs and edited collections in fields such as the history of medicine, law and art. Please have a look at the list of periodicals below.

In July – analyzing 106 volumes of periodicals and 169 monographs – we were able to gain 2172 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography”. Below you will find the list of new monographs and periodicals which were referenced during this month.
We offer the list of monographs as pdf to simplify the printout. You may examine the contents of the respective monographs and periodicals in the database by using the search option ‘title’ or ‘periodicals’ and by navigating to the ‘children’ of the chosen title. If you have any suggestions regarding content please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact .

New monographs (New monographs July 2018/pdf):

  1. 30 años del Museo nacional de arte romano, 1986 – 2016. Homenaje a José María Alvarez Martínez. (Mérida, Museo nacional de arte romano, 2016), ed. Barrero Martin, N.; Velázquez Jiménez, A.
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  6. Akrotiri, Thera 17th century B.C. A cosmopolitan harbour town 3.500 years ago. Lectures presented at the one-day colloquium, organized by the Centre culturel hellénique, Paris, 30 October 2013. (Athens, Society for the Promotion of Studies on prehistoric Thera, 2015)
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What’s new?! 176 volumes of periodicals, 252 monographs, 3415 titles. Open access journal: Quaderni. Soprintendenza archeologica per le provincie di Cagliari e Oristano

February 4, 2018


Cristiano Cani, Nuraghe Adoni, (nuraghe complesso quadrilobato) - Villanovatulo (Cagliari).

Foto: Cristiano Cani, Nuraghe Adoni, (nuraghe complesso quadrilobato) – Villanovatulo (Cagliari).

A historical Italian journal has gone online open access! For the  lastest news regarding excavation and archaeological  research in Sardinia you may have a look at: Quaderni. Rivista di Archeologia. Soprintendenza archeologia, belle arti e paesaggio per la città metropolitana di Cagliari e le province di Oristano e Sud Sardegna formerly Quaderni. Soprintendenza archeologica della Sardgena (26, 2015) until 25, 2014: Quaderni. Soprintendenza archeologica per le provincie di Cagliari e Oristano.

We have started into the new year with 3415 new titles registered for the “Archaeological Bibliography” evaluating 252 new monographs and 176 new volumes of periodicals. You will find the list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals below.
Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact .

New monographs (New monographs January 2018/pdf):

  1. A companion to Sardinian history, 500 – 1500. (Leiden, Brill, 2017), ed. Hobart, M., (Brill’s companions to European history, 11)
  2. Abbate, L.: Iscrizioni greche arcaiche. Analisi delle epigrafi su ceramica dal Thesmophorion e dall’Acropoli di Gela. (Roma, Stamen, 2017)
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  5. Agrigento. Nouve richerche sull’area pubblica centrale. (Roma, Quasar, 2017), ed. Caliò, L.M.; Caminneci, V.; Livadiotti,  u.a.:
  6. Alla scoperta della Cisa romana. Scavi archeologici alla Sella del Valoria (2012 – 2015). Parma 2200 anni dalla fondazione 183 a.C. – 2017 d.C. (Parma, Fondazione CariParma, 2017), ed. Ghiretti, A.
  7. Allen, J.R.L.: Geology for archaeologists. A short introduction. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2017)
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Two thousand, seven hundred and twenty-three new titles in November. ‘Archaeological Bibliography’ continues its rapid growth.

December 4, 2017


Library of Birmingham, Gustav von Rosenheim

Library of Birmingham. Foto: Gustav von Rosenheim

… in November we have added 2723 new titles to the “Archaeological Bibliography”, evaluating 231 monographs of different kinds and 110 new volumes of periodicals. Among those the thirtieth volume of the “Journal of Roman Archaeology” online edition became available through Cambridge Journals to institutional subscribers, and the sixty-eighth volume of the “Archeologia classica” prestigious journal of the Sapienza Università di Roma, edited by Erma di Bretschneider.

Additionally we checked – in the course of monitoring and maintenance of the database – part of the by now nearly 30.000 links to full texts. Our intention citing DOI and other stable-links is create a sort of an “indirect” full-text-bibliography. By clicking on the link in the bibliographical reference, a new window will be opened showing access to the full text.  You may access the DOI  links to  contents liable to costs via the proxy-server of your University or Institution. If you find a broken link, would you please be so kind to inform us via email? We would be very happy.

The list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals – supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals, in addition to the links for the online resources – is to be find below as ever. Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

New monographs (New monographs November 2017/pdf):

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