On the ways the Greeks interacted with their images and 2103 other new titles in August

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Marble female statue (prob. Artemis), found on Delos, Cyclades, dedication of the Naxian Nikandre. Foto: G.Todd


On the ways the Greeks interacted with their images… and 2103 new titles in August.

“Before Mimesis. Reflections on the early Greek technologies of looking” by Dimitris Plantzos in an new online open access journal:

“The Athens University Review of Archaeology (AURA) is an international, peer-reviewed archaeological journal published annually by the Faculty of History and Archaeology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. It is dedicated to the publication of original research articles and reports focusing on, or related to the archaeology, art and material culture in the broader Greek world, from the earliest prehistory to the modern era” (http://epub.lib.uoa.gr/index.php/aura/).

For more bibliography regarding the theory of ancient art choose “history of art” from the first level of Dyabola, Archaeological Bibliography and “Therory of art” from the second. Furthermoore have a look at the Journal of Cognitive Historiography , – a newly referenced journal in Dyabola – you may find some interesting cue there.

In August we have evaluated 89 new monographs and  165 new volumes of periodicals, gaining 2104 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography ”. Below you will find the list of new monographs and periodicals which were referenced during the last month. We offer the list of monographs as pdf to simplify the printout. The list of new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links to the online resources. And…we have marked  – to simplify your research –  the open access journals. You may examine the contents of the respective monographs and periodicals within the database by using the search option “title” or “periodicals” and by navigating to the “children” of the chosen title.

Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact info@dyabola.de.

New monographs (New monographs August 2022/pdf):

A cemetery and quarry from imperial Gabii. (Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 2021), ed. Banducci, L.M.; Gallone, A., (Gabii Project Reports, 2)

A companion to North Africa in antiquity. (Hoboken, Wiley-Blackwell, 2022), ed. Hitchner, R.B.

Ad Ostium Tiberis. Proceedings of the conference “Ricerche archeologiche alla foce del Tevere” (Rome, Ostia, December 2018, 18-20th). (Leuven, Peeters, 2022), ed. Mainet, G.; Graziano, M.S., (Studia Academiae Belgicae, 2)

Allen, D.; Bryan, M.: Roman Britain and where to find it. (Stroud, Amberley, 2020)

Archaeology in the city. Proceedings of the International Workshop Amsterdam, 16-17 October 2019. (Napoli, Naus, 2021), ed. Burgers, G.J.; Cicala, L.; Illiano,  u.a.:, (Archeologie. Temi, contesti, materiali, 2)

Archéologie en Corse. Vingt années de recherche. (Arles, Errance, 2022), ed. Leandri, C.; Leandri, F.

Bannon, C.J.: A casebook on Roman water law. (Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 2020)

Berman, D.W.: Myth, literature, and the creation of the topography of Thebes. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2018)

Breeze, D.: The pilgrimages of Hadrian’s Wall 1849 – 2019. A history. (Kendal, Wilson and Sons, 2020)

Bremmer, J.N.: Becoming a man in ancient Greece and Rome. Essays on myths and rituals of initiation. (Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2021)

Burstein, S.M.: Antike global. Die Welt von 1000 v. Chr. bis 300 n.Chr. (Darmstadt, Theiss, 2022)

Christophilopoulou, A.: Material cultures in public engagement. Re-inventing public archaeology within museum collections. (Oxford, Oxbow, 2020)

Clare, R.: Ancient Greece and Rome in videogames. Representation, play, transmedia. (London, Bloomsbury, 2021)

Colonial geopolitics and local cultures in the hellenistic and Roman East (3rd century B.C. – 3rd century A.D.). Géopolitique coloniale et cultures locales dans l’Orient hellénistique et romain (IIIe siècles av. J.-C. – IIIe siècle ap. J.-C.). (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2021), ed. Bru, H.; Dumitru, A.G.; Sekunda, N.

Culasso Gastaldi, E.: “To destroy the stele”,”to remain faithful to the stele”. Epigraphic text as guarantee of political decision. (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2014) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 3)

Culasso Gastaldi, E.: “To destroy the stele”. Epigraphic reinscription and historical revision in Athens. (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2014) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 2)

De Carolis, E.: Pompei nelle fotografie di Michele Amodio. (Roma, Arbor sapientiae, 2022), (Quaderni di “Nuova Bibliotheca Pompeiana”. Series maior, 5)

De Lisle, C.: The ephebate in Roman Athens. Outline and catalogue of inscriptions. (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2020) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 12)

Devenir un dieu, devenir un héros en Grèce ancienne. Actes du colloque international en deux volets, Bologne, 20-21 septembre 2018 et Montpellier, 26-27 novembre 2018. Diventare un eroe, diventare un dio nel mondo greco. (Milano, Jouvence, 2021), ed. Kimmel-Clauzet, F.; Muccioli, F., (Jouvence. Antiquitas. Saggi, 7)

Discurso, Espacio y poder en las religiones antiguas. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2021), ed. Barroso-Romero, R.A.; Castillo-Lozano, J.A.

Eck, W.: Gesellschaft und Administration im Römischen Reich. Aktualisierte Schriften in Auswahl. (Berlin, de Gruyter, 2022)

Ehling, K.; Ernesti, J.: Glänzende Propaganda. Kirchengeschichte auf Papstmedaillen. (Freiburg i.Br., Herder, 2019)

Encuentros con las élites del Mediterráneo antiguo. Liderazgo, estilos de vida, legitimidad. (Buenos Aires, Miño y Dávila Editores, 2021), ed. Beck, H.; Garcia Mac Gaw, C.; Pina Polo, F., (Estudios del Mediterráneo antiguo. PEFSCEA, 21)

Esch, A.: La Roma dei Roma dei Papi. La Roma dei Romani. Studi sul tardi medioevi e sul Rinascimento. (Roma, Roma nel Rinascimento, 2022), (Roma nel Rinascimento. Inedita, 97).

Eschbach, F.; Freudiger, S.; André, P. u.a.:Le théatre romain d’Alésia. Structuration et développement d’un quartier urbain. (Gollion, Infolio, 2021), ed. Eschbach, F.; Freudiger, S.

Eulogía. Estudios sobre cristianismo primitivo. Homenaje a Mercedes López Salvá. (Madrid 2018), ed. Amerigo, P.d.P.; Sanz Extremeño, I.

Feissel, D.: Etudes d’épigraphie et d’histoire des premiers siècles de Byzance. (Paris, Association des amis du Centre d’histoire et civilisation de Byzance, 2020), (Bilans de recherche, 10)

Fiocchi Nicolai, V.; Luttazzi, A.: Il complesso cimiteriale paleocristiano di “Colle S. Quirico” presso Paliano (Frosinone). Contributo alla conoscenza di un ‘agglomerato secondario” nella tarda antichità. (Città del Vaticano, Pontificio istituto di archeologia cristiana, 2022), (Sussidi allo studio delle antichità cristiane, 30)

Fiorillo, L.: Sala Consilina. Necropoli di San Rocco, Zona L. Le sepolture della prima età del ferro. (Napoli 2020), (Archeologie. Temi, contesti, materiali, 4)

Formen kultureller Dynamik. Impuls, Progression, Transformation. Beiträge des zehnten Basler und Berliner Arbeitskreises Junge Aegyptologie (BAJA 10), 29.11. – 1.12.2019. (Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2021), ed. Gabler, K.; Verbovsek, A.; Bickel,  u.a.:, (Göttinger Orientforschungen. 4. Reihe. Ägypten, 68)

Frieman, C.J.: An archaeology of innovation. Approaching social and technological change in human society. (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2021)

García Jurado, F.: Virgilio. Vida, mito e historia. (Madrid, Sintesis, 2018)

Gardner, I.: The founder of Manichaeism. Rethinking the life of mani. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2020)

Green, J.D.M.; Henry, R.: Olga Tufnell’s “Perfect journey”. Letters and photographs of an archaeologist in the Levant and Mediterranean. (London, UCL Press, 2021)

Hesekamp, I.: Das Bild von Africa in der augusteischen Dichtung. Poetische Konstruktion eines geographischen Raumes (Vregil, “Aeneis”-Horaz, Properz). (Berlin, de Gruyter, 2021), (Göttinger Forum für Altertumswissenschaft. Beihefte. Neue Folge, 11)

Hodgson, N.: The Roman baths at Wallsend. (South Shields, The Arbeia Society, 2020), (Arbeia Society Roman Archaeological Studies, 2)

Idolos. Miradas milenarias. (Alicante, Museo archeologico de Alicante, 2020), ed. Bueno Ramírez, P.; Soler Díaz, J.A.

Il tarlo dello storico. Studi di allievi e amici per Gabriella Piccinni. (Arcidosso, Effigi, 2021) 2 Bde., ed. Mucciarelli, R.; Pellegrini, M., (Nuovi saggi. Effigi, 63)

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Koet, B.J.; Murphy, E.; Ryökäs, E.: Deacons and diakonia in early Christianity. The first two centuries. (Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2018)

La Grotta dei cocci di Narni. Scavi 1989 – 2001. (Sesto Fiorentino, All’insegna del giglio, 2019), ed. De Angelis, M.C.

Laemmel, S.A.: Kom Tuman, 2. Late period to Graeco-Roman pottery. (Oxford, BAR publishing, 2021), (British archaeological reports. International series, 3037)

L’agricoltura in età romana. (Milano, Ledizioni, 2019) ed. Segenni, S. (Consonanze, 19)

Lambert, S.D.: 357-6 B.C. A significant year in the development of Athenian honorific practice. (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2018) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 9)

Lambert, S.D.: Accounts of payments from the treasury of Athena in 410-407? B.C. (IG I 375 and 377). (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2016) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 5)

Lambert, S.D.: Inscribed Athenian decrees of 229-8-198-7 B.C. (IG IIü 1, 1135-1255). (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2014) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 4)

Lambert, S.D.: Notes on inscriptions of the Marathonian Tetrapolis. (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2014) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 1)

Lambert, S.D.: The inscribed version of the decree honouring Lykourgos of Boutadai (IG II2 457 and 3207). (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2015) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 6)

Lambert, S.D.: Two inscribed documents of the Athenian empire. The Chalkis decree and the tribute reassessment decree. (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2017) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 8)

Lambert, S.D.; Morgan, J.D.: The last Erechtheion building accounts. (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2016) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 7)

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Lambert, S.D.; Schneider, J.G.: The last Athenian decrees honouring ephebes. (Evesham, Attic inscripions online, 2019) open access,  [http://www.atticinscripions.com/papers/ ], (Attic inscription online. Papers, 11)

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Lists and catalogues in ancient literature and beyond. Towards a poetics of enumerarion. (Berlin, de Gruyter, 2021), ed. Laemmle, R.; Scheidegger Lämmle, C.; Wesselmann, K.

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Going to Sicily is better than going to the moon. (Gabriel Garcìa Màrquez)

August 1, 2022 by
Andrea S. Taormina
Taormina. Foto: Andrea S.


Going to Sicily is better than going to the moon” (Gabriel Garcìa Màrquez):

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The volume brings together the multicultural settlements on the island to provide the scientific community with the possibility of a non-occasional comparison, with insights and syntheses. In view of  a general perspective, different disciplines and types of documentation have been considered by the authors, supplemented by essays that extend to different locations (for example Magna Graecia) and different types of evidence (the cartography of the modern age), which were useful for the understanding of Sicilian realities. Have a closer look on the contents in Dyabola.

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Amplifying systematic knowledge. 2578 new titles in the “Archaeological Bibliography” in June

July 24, 2022 by

Lawrence Alma-Tadema, The Colosseum, 1896. Foto: wikipedia


Explore the full possibilities of “Archaeological Bibliography”, Projekt Dyabola! The systematic strucure with more than 30.000 keyword arranged in an unfolding hierarchical model, a tree-like arrangement, which grows steady, is the nucleus, the main feature of the database. Starting from generic key terms like “topography”, “history of art”, “plastic art and sculpture”, “architecture” etc. you may “click” your way down to very specific terms. Starting from “Topography”, through “Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Pompei”, specifying “Rome” you finally get to “Colosseum” with 224 titles.

For even more precise research combine results or choose the date range of publication. At the end of your search you may export your result (up to 500 titles) in any form you wish. The structure of the subject- tree is constantly growing!

At the beginning of a hot summer we have evaluated 190 monographs and the contents of 74 new volumes of periodicals gaining 2578 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography”.

Below you will find the list of new monographs and periodicals which were referenced during the last month. We offer the list of monographs as pdf to simplify the printout. The list of new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links to the online resources. And…we have marked – to simplify your research – the open access journals. You may examine the contents of the respective monographs and periodicals within the database by using the search option “title” or “periodicals” and by navigating to the “children” of the chosen title. Concerning technical support please contact info@dyabola.de. Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz.

New monographs (new monographs June 2022/pdf):

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Learning about Jovian … and much more. 3178 new publications in the ‘Archaeological Bibliography’

June 6, 2022 by


Drijvers, J.W.: The forgotten reign of the Emperor Jovian (363-364). History and fiction. (New York, Oxford University Press, 2022):

This book is the first modern scholarly monograph on the emperor Jovian (363–364). It offers a new assessment of his reign and argues that Jovian’s reign was of more importance than assumed by most (ancient and modern) historians. This study argues that Jovian restored the Roman Empire after the failed reign of Julian by returning to the policies of Constantius II and Constantine the Great. Jovian’s general strategies were directed to getting the Roman Empire back on its feet militarily, administratively, and religiously after the failed reign of his predecessor Julian (361–363), as well as to establish more peaceful relations with the Sassanid Empire. For an emperor who ruled only eight months, Jovian had an unexpected and surprising afterlife. The rarely studied and largely unknown Syriac Julian Romance offers a surprising and different perspective on person and reign of Jovian. In the Romance, Jovian is presented as the ideal Christian emperor and a new Constantine. But the Romance is also an important source for Roman–Persian relations and the positioning of Syriac Christianity in the late antique world of Christendom.” (Oxford University Press)

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail. (Leonardo da Vinci).  Did you know that Dyabola references the single record sheets of exhibits in museum and exhibition catalogues? They will always be labeld  as “Katalog”, “scheda”, or “record sheet”, which may help you to distinguish them from articles. As these records sheets often have the scientific quality of articles, we hope that their indication could be useful to scholars searching for a special subject.

Below you will find the list of new monographs and periodicals which were referenced during the last month. In May we evaluated 235 monographs and 105 volumes of periodicals gaining 3178 titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography”. We offer the list of monographs as pdf to simplify the printout. The list of new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals. Last year we have begun to mark – to simplify your research – the open access journals. You may examine the contents of the respective monographs and periodicals within the database by using the search option “title” or “periodicals” and by navigating to the “children” of the chosen title. A lot of articles of periodicals referenced last month within the “Archaeological Bibliography” are identified with “DOI” or otherwise stable links, which will get you directly to the full text. Our intention citing DOI links is to create – in fact – a sort of full-text-bibliography by links. If you need a demokey for “Archaeological Bibliography”, please mail to m.schwarz@dyabola.de.

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New monographs (New monographs May 2022/pdf):

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