Using the internet for Academic Research, 2. A list of online journals.

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Biblioteca dei Girolamini, Napoli. Foto: Peppe Guida/wikipedia

The work of the “Archaeological Bibliography, Projekt Dyabola” goes on in this difficult time! Please remember that Projekt Dyabola cites – whenever available – the DOI link  as part of the bibliographical record. This link will get you directly  to the full text. Part of the publications are on payment, to access them you may use the remote access of your institution. 

Below you will find an alphabetical  list of periodicals with links to  their respective online version, which  we have prepared for you to facilitate your research. If you need a demokey, please mail to

Periodicals online

Using the Internet for Academic Research. Some online-reads for you

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Von Diliff - photograph by Diliff, edited by Vassil, CC BY 2.5, httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid=2151500

New York Public Library. Photograph by Diliff /wikipedia

The work of the “Archaeological Bibliography, Projekt Dyabola” goes on in this difficult times, as your research surley does. Research is part of life, and therefore important to maintain.  Those who have to work from home these days have nevertheless access to new publications. The World Wide Web is an extraordinary resource for gaining access to information of all kinds, including historical, and each day a greater number of sources become available online. In regular intervals we will post lists with links to online publications, which may be of interest for. Perhaps you will even find some new and interesting information. Your bibliographical research by means of “Archaeological Bibliography, Dyabola” gets you (in many cases) via DOI link directly to the full text. Our intention citing DOI links is to create a sort of full-text-bibliography by links.  If you need a demokey for “Archaeological Bibliography”, please mail to

Università degli Studi di Milano

  • Aristonothos. (This serial celebrats the Mediterrenean).
  • ACME. Annali della Facoltà di lettere e filosofia dell’Università degli studi di Milano.
  • DIKE. Rivista di storia del diritto greco ed ellenistico.  (Dike is the first magazine dedicated specifically to the study of Greek and Hellenistic law: it therefore publishes articles relating to the law and institutions of the Greek world from the Mycenaean age to the Roman conquest, and thus contributes in an internationally recognized way to the knowledge of an fundamental aspect of Greek civilization)
  • LANX. Rivista elettronica della Scuola di Specializzazione in Archeologia. (LANX collects the articles of students and professors of the Scuola di Specializzazione, and of scholars who have collaborated on its projects. It also displays the results of their archaeological excavations and research. LANX objective is to share and diffuse the results of the strong research activity of the Scuola di Specializzazione)
  • Consonanze. Collana del Dipartimento di Studi Letterari Filologici e Linguistici” dell’Università degli Studi di Milano. (The title, “Consonances”, intends to suggest the plurality of scientific interests and methodological approaches, but at the same time the consistency among themselves, , be they philological, literary, linguistic or historian).


  • GAIA. Revue interdisciplinaire sur la Grèce archaique.
    (GAIA is meant as a crossroads of discussions concerning Archaic Greece in an original manner. It publishes articles by authors coming from different but complementary fields)
  • Kentron. Revue pluridisciplinaire du monde antique. (Kentron, as a multidisciplinary journal about ancient world, welcomes submissions from researchers in literature, philosophy, linguistics, history and archeology. It focuses on European, Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds.)
  • Pallas. Revue d’études antiques (Journal specialised in Classical studies)
  • Mélanges de l’École française de Rome – Antiquité (MEFRA).  (Journal on Italy and the Mediterranean from Prehistory to the end of Anquity, in the fields of history, archaeology and epigraphy)
  • Cahiers des études anciennes. (A thematic journal promoting research on all aspects of Antiquity)
  • Annuaire de l’École pratique des hautes études. Section des sciences historiques et philologiques. (Ephe conference proceedings in the field of history and philology)
  • Bulletin de correspondance hellénique. (Archaeological and historical studies of the ancient Greece and Byzantine world)

‘Archaeological Bibliography 2019’ with more than 70.000 titles online. 3218 new titles in February.

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Randi Hausken, the long room in the Old library, Trinity College

Foto: Randi Hausken. The Long Room in the Old Library, Trinity College.

The “Annual Archaeological Bibliography 2019″ is now online!
“Annual Archaeological Bibliography 2019” is part of the “Archaeological Bibliography 1956-“. It offers the possibility of a fast, easy, comfortable and systematic survey for new publications and research. “Archaeological Bibliography 1956-” is  accumulative and offers the full possibilities and advantages of a  truly thorough bibliographical search.

In February we have evaluated 189 new monographs and 110 new volumes of periodicals, gaining 3218 new titles for the “Archaeological Bibliography”. You will find the list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals below as ever.
Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact

New monographs (new monographs February 2020/pdf):

  1. “Per accomodare li muri antichi”. Storia, restauro, struttura per Carlo Baggio. (Roma, Campisano, 2019), ed. Da Gai, E.
  2. Abascal Palazón, J.M.; Alföldy, G.: Corpus inscriptionum Latinarum. Inscriptiones Hispaniae Latinae, 13. Conventus Carthaginiensis, 1. Pars septentrionalis Conventus Carthaginiensis (Titulcia, Toletum, Consabura, Segobriga) (CIL IIý, 13,1). (Berlin, de Gruyter, 2019)
  3. Ai piedi degli dei. Le calzature antiche e la loro fortuna nella cultura del Novecento. [Mostra Firenze, 17 dicembre 2019 – 19 aprile 2020.](Livorno, Sillabe, 2019), ed. Camin, L.; Chiarelli, C.; Paolucci, F.
  4. Akten des 15. Internationalen Kolloquiums zum provinzialrömischen Kunstschaffen. Der Stifter und sein Monument. Gesellschaft, Ikonographie, Chronologie. 14. bis 20. Juni 2017. Graz, Austria. (Graz, Universalmuseum Joanneum GmbH, 2019), ed. Porod, B.; Scherrer, P., (Schild von Steier. Beihefte, 9)
  5. Almagro-Gorbea, M.: Imaginario, mitos y literatura en España. (Madrid, Almuzara, 2018)
  6. Amaro Lacerda, B.: L’idea di giustizia dei giureconsulti romani. (Padova, CLEUP, 2017) 39 S.
  7. Antikes Zypern. Kulturen im Dialog. Akten des ersten Zypern-Workshops an der Universität Graz, am 16. Juni 2016. (Wien, Holzhausen, 2017), ed. Ambros, G.; Christidis, M.; Koiner, G., (Kupriaka. Forschungen zum antiken Zypern, 1)
  8. Aranegui Gascó, C.: La dama de Elche. Dónde, cuándo y por qué. (Madrid, Marcial Pons Historia, 2018)
  9. Araque Gonzalez, R.: Intercultural communications and iconography in the western Mediterranean during the late bronze age and the early iron age. (Rahden, Leidorf, 2018), (Freiburger archäologische Studien, 9)
  10. Archaic and classical western Anatolia. New perspectives in ceramic studies. In memoriam Prof. Crawford H. Greenewalt jr. Proceedings of the Second Keramos International Conference at Ege University, Izmir, 3-5 June, 2015. (Leuven, Peeters, 2018), ed. Gürtekin Demir, R.G.; Cevizoglu, H.; Polat,  u.a.:, (Colloquia antiqua. Supplements to the journal “Ancient West and East”, 19)
  11. Arthur, M.; Bailon, S.; Baudry, A. u.a.:Hoedic, une île atlantique à la veille de la conquête romaine. 10 ans d’étude pluridisciplinaire. (Alet, Centre régional d’archéologie d’Alet, 2018), ed. Daire, M.Y.; Baudry, A.
  12. Atlante tematico di topografia antica. Atta 30. Roma, urbanistica, monumenti, territorio e infrastrutture. (Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2020)
  13. Augusto, oltre Roma. Atti del XXXIII Corso di archeologia e storia antica del Museo civico di Albano. (Albano, Museo civico Albano Laziale, 2016), ed. Valenti, M.
  14. Aumann, G.: Antoninus Pius. Der vergessene Kaiser. (Wiesbaden, Reichert, 2019)
  15. Bakhoum, S.; Gerin, D.: Sylloge nummorum Graecorum. France, 4. Département des monnaies, médailles et antiques, Alexandrie II. Hadrien, Antonin. (Zürich, Numismatica ars classica, 2018)
  16. Bartzoka, A.: Le tribunal de l’Héliée. Justice et politique dans l’Athènes du VIe au IV siècles avant J.-C. (Bruxelles, Lang, 2018)
  17. Bavant, B.; Bikic, V.; Ivanisevic, V.: Caricin Grad, 4. Catalogue des objets des fouilles anciennes et autres études. Katalog predmeta sa starih iskopavanja i druge studije. (Rome, Ecole française de Rome, 2019), (Collection de l’Ecole française de Rome, 75, 4)
  18. Bendala Galán, M.: Icas, Hijos del Rayo. Los Barca y el dominio cartaginés en Hispania. (Madrid, Trébede, 2015)
  19. Bergomum. Un colle che divenne città. Bergamo, Palazzo della ragione, 16 febbraio – 19 maggio 2019. (Bergamo, Comune di Bergamo, 2019)
  20. Bernal Casasola, D.; Jimenez-Camino, R.: Las cetariae de Iulia Traducta. Resultados del las excavaciones arqueológicas en la calle San Nicolás de Algeciras (2001 – 2006). (Cádiz 2018), (Servicio de publicaciones de la Universidad de Cádiz
  21. Bernard, G.: Nec plus ultra. L’Extrême Occident méditerranéen dans l’espace politique romaine (218 av. J.-C. – 305 apr. J.-C.). (Madrid, Casa de Velázquez, 2018), (Bibliothèque de la Casa de Velázquez, 72)
  22. Berrocal-Rangel, L.; La Barrera, J.L. de; Caso Amador, R.: Nertobriga Concordia Iulia, de oppidum céltico a municipium romano. Excavaciones sistemáticas 1987 – 2011. (Alicante, Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante, 2017)
  23. Brandenburg, H.: Le prime chiese di Roma. IV – VII secolo. [Nuova edizione aggiornata e ampliata settembre 2013.](Milano, Jaca Book, 2013/19)
  24. Bricault, L.: Isis Pelagia. Images, names and cults of a goddess of the seas. (Leiden, Brill, 2020), (Religions in the Graeco-Roman world, 190)
  25. Cambitoglou, A.: Les plantes d’Adonis. Essai. (Bern, Lang, 2018), (Cahiers EGeA, 2)
  26. Carthago. Il mito immortale. [Mostra, Colosseo, Foro Romano, 27 settembre 2019 – 29 marzo 2020](Milano, Mondadori Electa, 2019), ed. Russo, A.; Guarneri, F.; Xella,  u.a.:
  27. Cassano, R.; Chelotti, M.; Fioriello, C.S.: Paesaggi urbani della Puglia in età romana. Dalla società indigena alle comunità tardoantiche. (Bari, Edipuglia, 2019), ed. Cassano, R.; Chelotti, M.; Mastrocinque, A., (Bibliotheca archaeologica. Collana di archeologia, 55)
  28. Cassius Dio and the late Roman Republic. (Leiden, Brill, 2019), ed. Osgood, J.; Baron, C., (Historiography of Rome and its Empire, 4)
  29. Cau Ontiveros, M.A.; Mas Florit, C.: Change and resilience. The occupation of Mediterranean islands in late antiquity. (Oxford, Oxbow, 2019), (Joukowsky Institute Publication, 9)
  30. Chaniotis, A.: Die Öffnung der Welt. Eine Globalgeschichte des Hellenismus. (Darmstadt, Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 2019) Original: Age of conquests (London 2018),
  31. Charles Ede Ldt. Christmas 2019. (London, Selbstverlag, 2019)
  32. Chausson, F.: L’imperatore Claudio. Breve introduzione alla vita e al regno. [Claudio imperatore. Messalina, Agrippina e le ombre di una dinastia. Museo dell’Ara Pacis,  6 aprile – 27 ottobre 2019](Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2019) 31 S., Abb.
  33. Chavarría Arnau, A.; Causarano, M.A.: La memoria culturale dell’Oltresarca trentino. Paesaggi, persone e storie di pietre. (Quingentole, SAP Società archeologia s.r.l., 2018), (Progetti di archeologia, 23)
  34. Chrystal, P.: Rome. Republic into empire. The civil wars of the first century B.C.E. (Barnsley, Pen and Sword books, 2019)
  35. Collapse or survival. Micro-dynamics of crisis and endurance in the ancient central Mediterranean. (Oxford, Oxbow, 2019), ed. Perego, E.; Amicone, S.
  36. Concepts of ideal rulership from antiquity to the Renaissance. (Turnhout, Brepols, 2018), ed. Roskam, G.; Schorn, S.
  37. Courrént, M.: Vitrvvius avctor. L’oeuvre littéraire de Vitruve et sa réceptionn dans la littérature antique (Ier – Ve siècles). (Bordeaux, Ausonius, 2019), (Ausonius éditions. Scripta antiqua, 124)
  38. Cretomania. Modern desires for the Minoan past. (New York, London, 2017), ed. Momigliano, N.; Farnoux, A., (Modern Greek and Byzantine studies, 3)
  39. Cumbo, C.: Le c.d. gammadiae nelle catacombe cristiane di Roma. Censimento, confronti ed ipotesi interpretative. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2019), (British archaeological reports. International series, 2947)
  40. D’Andria, F.: Messapia illustrata. Immagini, racconti, attualità del Salento antico. (Galatina, Congedo, 2019)
  41. Darmon, J.P.: Mythes et images en mosaïque antique. Scripta (musi)varia. Recueil de textes (1963-2013). (Paris, Picard, 2018)
  42. Das Antlitz der Götter. O rosto das divindades. Götterbilder mit Westen des römischen Reiches. Imagens de divindades no Ocidente do império romano. (Wiesbaden, Reichert, 2019), ed. Schattner, T.G.; Guerra, A., (Iberia archaeologica, 20)
  43. Das Porträt als Massenphänomen. Le portrait comme phénomène de masse. (Leiden, Fink, 2019), ed. Boschung, D.; Queyrel, F., (Morphomata, 40)
  44. Das Xanthostal Lykiens in archaisch-klassischer Zeit. Eine archäologisch-historische Bestandsaufnahme. (Göttingen, Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, 2020), ed. Zimmermann, M., (Die hellenistische Polis als Lebensform, 7)
  45. Davies, S.H.: Rome, global dreams, and the international origins of an empire. (Boston, Brill, 2020), (Impact of Empire, 35)
  46. De Alarcão, J.: A Lusitânia e al Galécia do século II a.C. ao século VI d.C. (Coimbra, Universidade de Coimbra, 2018)
  47. Deliciae fictiles, 5. Network and workshops. Architectural terracottas and decorative roof systems in Italy and beyond. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference held at the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” and the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. March 15-17, 2018. (Oxford, Oxbow, 2019), ed. Lulof, P.; Manzini, I.; Rescigno, C.
  48. Detel, W.: Foucault and classical antiquity. Power, ethics, and knowledge. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2005)
  49. Die Produktion von Ferrum Noricum am Hüttenberger Erzberg. Die Ergebnisse der interdisziplinären Forschungen auf der Fundstelle Semlach-Eisner in den Jahren 2006 – 2009. The production of ferrum Noricum at the Hüttenberger Erzberg. The results of interdisciplinary research at Semlach-Eisner between 2006 and 2009. (Graz, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Archäologie, 2017), ed. Cech, B., (Austria antiqua, 6)
  50. Digital and traditional epigraphy in context. Proceedings of the EAGLE 2016 International Conference. (Roma, Sapienza Università di Roma, 2017), ed. Orlandi, S.; Santucci, R.; Mambrini,  u.a.:
  51. Doswald, S.: Inventar der Fundmünzen der Schweiz, 13. Kanton Zug, 3. (Bern, Inventar der Fundmünzen der Schweiz, 2018)
  52. Doswald, S.: Inventar der Fundmünzen der Schweiz, 9. Kanton Zug, 2. (Bern, Inventar der Fundmünzen der Schweiz, 2009)
  53. Doyen, J.M.: Prolégomènes à l’économie des Celtes. (Bruxelles, Archaion, 2018)
  54. Drogula, F.K.: Cato the Younger. Life and death at the end of the Roman Republic. (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2019)
  55. Dubolnic Glavan, M.; Marsic, R.: Krajolici i spomenici Zadarskog podrucja krajem 19. i pocetkom 20. st. u istrazivanjima prof. Dr. Luke Jelica. Landscapes and monuments of the Zadar wider area in the late 19th and early 20th century in the research of Luka Jelic. Katalog izlozbe. Exhibition catalogue. (Zadar, Arheoloski muzej Zadar, 2019), (Katalozi i monografije, 37)
  56. Dunand, F.: Corps vivants des dieux. Les statues animées dans le monde méditerranéen antique. (Paris, Picard, 2018)
  57. Early iron age gold in Celtic Europe. Society, technology and archaeometry. Proceedings of the International Congress held in Toulouse, 11-14 March 2015. (Rahden, Leidorf, 2018), ed. Schwab, R.; Milcent, P.Y.; Armbruster,  u.a.:, (Forschungen zur Archäometrie und Altertumswissenschaft, 6,1)
  58. Ehling, K.: Paul Friedländer. Ein klassischer Philologe zwischen Wilamowitz und George. (Berlin, Hentrich und Hentrich, 2019), (Jüdische Miniaturen, 238)
  59. Essays on the archaeology and ancient history of the Black Sea littoral. (Leuven, Peeters, 2018), ed. Manoledakis, M.; Tsetckladze, G.R.; Xydopoulos, I., (Colloquia antiqua. Supplements to the journal “Ancient West and East”, 18)
  60. Estiot, S.; Frey-Kupper, S.; Zanchi, P.: Inventar der Fundmünzen der Schweiz, 15. Le trésor de Thun 1955 (CH, Berne). 2304 monnaies romaines au terminus 293 de notre ère. (Berne, Inventar der Fundmünzen der Schweiz, 2017)
  61. Faszination der Dinge. Werte weltweit in Archäologie und Ethnologie. (Petersberg, Imhof, 2018), ed. Trümpler, C.; Hahn, H.P.; Grosskinsky,  u.a.:
  62. Fermi, D.: Lo sventurato connubio. Ricerche sul mito di Koronis. (Bari, Levante editori, 2018), (Le Rane. Studi, 67)
  63. Fides in Flavian literature. (London, University of Toronto Press, 2019), ed. Augoustakis, A.; Buckley, E.; Stocks, C., (Phoenix. Supplementary volumes, 56)
  64. Filippini, A.: Efeso, Ulpiano e il senato. La contesa per il primato nella provincia Asia nel III sec. d.C. (Stuttgart, Steiner, 2019), (Acta senatus. B. Studien und Materialien, 5)
  65. Four decades of hiatus in archaeologcial research in Cyprus. Towards restoring the balance. Proceedings of the international one-day-workshop held in Lefkosia (Nicosia) on 24th September 2016, hosted by the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus. (Wien, Holzhausen, 2017), ed. Pilides, D.; Mina, M., (Kupriaka. Forschungen zum antiken Zypern, 2)
  66. Frank, P.: Römische Thermen. Zentren der Sorge um sich selbst. Eine metalitätsgeschichtliche Untersuchung. (Berlin, Logos, 2016)
  67. From document to history. Epigraphic insights into the Greco-Roman world. (Leiden, Brill, 2019), ed. Noreña, C.F.; Papazarkadas, N., (Brill studies in Greek and Roman epigraphy, 12)
  68. From maple to olive. Proceedings of a colloquium to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Cabadian Institute in Greece. Athens, 10-11 June 2016. (Athens, Canadian Archaeological Institute at Athens, 2017), ed. Rupp, D.W.; Tomlinson, J.E., (Publications of the Canadian Archaeological Institute at Athens, 10)
  69. Frunzio, M.: Res furtivae. Contributo allo studio della circolazione degli oggetti furtivi in diritto romano. (Torino, Giappichelli, 2017)
  70. Fuhrmeister, C.: Die Abteilung “Kunstschutz” in Italien. Kunstgeschichte, Politik und Propaganda 1936 – 1963. (Wien, Böhlau, 2019), (Brüche und Kontinuitäten. Forschungen zu Kunst und Kunstgeschichte in Nationalsozialismus, 1)
  71. Funerary portraiture in greater Roman Syria. (Turnhout, Brepols, 2019), ed. Blömer, M.; Raja, R., (Studies in classical archaeology. Brepols, 6)
  72. Furlan, G.: Dating urban classical deposits. Approaches and problems using finds to date strata. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2019)
  73. Furlotti, B.: Antiquities in motion. From excavations sites to Renaissance collections. (Los Angeles, The Getty Research Institute, 2019)
  74. Gaining and losing imperial favour in late antiquity. Representation and reality. (Leiden, Brill, 2020), ed. Choda, K.C.; Sterk de Leeuw, M.; Schulz, F., (Impact of Empire, 36)
  75. Gallou, C.: Death in Mycenaean Laconia. A silent place. (Oxford, Oxbow, 2020)
  76. Giochi e spettacoli nel mondo antico. Problematiche e nuove scoperte. Atti del convegno internazionale, 24 marzo 2018, Reggio Emilia (RE). (Roma, Scienze e Lettere, 2019), ed. Storchi, P.; Mete, G.; Badoldi, E.
  77. Giorcelli Bersani, S.: L’impero in quota. I Romani e le Alpi. (Torino, Einaudi, 2019)
  78. Giunio, K.A.; Alihodzic, T.: Pogrebni obredi i obicajii staroga Rima. The ancient Romans’ funerary rituals and customs. (Zadar, Arheoloski muzej Zadar, 2019), (Katalozi i monografije, 36)
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  93. Imagining the divine. Art and the rise of world religions. [Exhibition Oxford, 19 October 2017 – 18 February 2018.](Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, 2017)
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New volumes of periodicals:

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Acta ad archaeologiam et artium historiam pertinentia 31 (2019)  online edition

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Archivio storico per la Calabria e la Lucania 85 (2019)

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Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 62 (2019)  Nr.2  online edition

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Gnomon 92 (2020) Nr.2  online edition

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Oxford Journal of Archaeology 39 (2020) Nr.1  online edition

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Sylloge epigraphica Barcinonensis 17 (2019)

Symbolae Osloenses 93 (2019)   online edition

The Classical Review 69 (2019) Nr.1   online edition

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The Journal of Hellenic Studies 139 (2019)   online edition

The Sixteenth Century Journal. The Journal of early modern studies 50 (2019)

Trabajos de prehistoria 76 (2019) Nr.2  online edition

Traditio 74 (2019)   online edition

Ugarit-Forschungen 49 (2018)

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Würzburger Jahrbücher für die Altertumswissenschaft 43 (2019)

Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte 82 (2019) Nr.4

Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 213 (2020)  online edition

Zeitschrift für schweizerische Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte 76 (2019) Nr.4

New year, more impact. 2731 new titles for the ‘Archaeological Bibliography’ in the first month of 2020.

February 2, 2020 by


Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail. (Leonardo da Vinci).  We would like to remind you that Dyabola references the single record sheets of exhibits in museum and exhibition catalogues. They will always be labeld  as “Katalog”, “scheda”,or “record sheet”, which may help you to distinguish them from articles. As these records sheets often have the scientific quality of articles, we hope that their indication could be useful to scholars searching for a special subject.

Furthermore – in January – 168 new monographs and 87 volumes of periodicals have been analyzed gaining 2721 new titles for the ‘Archaeological Bibliography’. You will find the list of new monographs (also in pdf) and periodicals below as ever. The list of the new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links for the online resources. Any advice and suggestions regarding content – and subject-tree will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact .

New monographs (new monographs January 2020/pdf):

  1. Aasgaard, R.; Horn, C.; Cojocaru, O.M.: Childhood in history. Perceptions of children in the ancient and medieval worlds. (London, Routledge, 2018) 
  2. Acri sanctorum investigatori. Miscellanea di studi in memoria di Gennaro Luongo. (Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2019), ed. Arcari, L., (Forma aperta. Ricerche di storia, cultura e religioni, 1)
  3. Akrigg, B.: Population and economy in classical Athens. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2019) 
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