2021 – A new year between continuity and challenges. ‘Archaeological Bibliography’ starts with 2965 new titles.



Bodleian Library Paul Hayday

Bodleian Library, Oxford. Foto: Paul Hayday

“Archaeological Bibliography”  is ever growing, taking into account especially the research publicated online to broaden perspective overmore. This month we have added three more online journal, which will be referenced from now on: Akropolis. Journal of hellenic studies, e-Forschungsberichte. Deutsches Archäologisches Institut and Clotho.  Besides in January we evaluated the new volumes of some of the more important journals for classical studies: Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts. Römische Abteilung 126 (2020), Rivista di archeologia 43 (2019)[2020], The Journal of Hellenic Studies 140 (2020) and The Journal of Roman Studies 110 (2020). All articles contained in these journals are provided (if available) with doi-links, which will take you directly to the online-fulltext publication.

We have started into the new year with 2965 new titles registered for the “Archaeological Bibliography” evaluating 182 new monographs and 87 new volumes of periodicals. Below you will find the list of new monographs and periodicals which were referenced during the last month. We offer the list of monographs as pdf to simplify the printout. The list of new periodicals has been supplemented with links to the online editions of the respective journals – in addition to the links to the online resources.  Besides we have marked  – to simplify your research –  the open access journals. You may examine the contents of the respective monographs and periodicals within the database by using the search option “title” or “periodicals” and by navigating to the “children” of the chosen title.
Any advice and suggestions regarding content will be highly appreciated: please mail to Dr. Martina Schwarz. Concerning technical support please contact info@dyabola.de .

New monographs (New monographs January 2021/pdf):

  1. A companion to ancient Greek and Roman music. (Hoboken, Wiley-Blackwell, 2020), ed. Lynch, T.; Rocconi, E.
  2. A verbis ad scripta. Studia epigraphica et historica. Homenaje a Juan Santos Yanguas. (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Universidad del País Vasco, 2019), ed. González-Rodríguez, M.C.; Ciprés, P.; Ortiz-de-Urbina,  u.a.:, (Anejos de “Veleia”. Series minor, 36)
  3. Ages and abilities. The stages of childhood and their social recognition in prehistoric Europe and beyond. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2020), ed. Rebay-Salisbury, K.; Pany-Kucera, D., (Childhood in the past. Monograph series, 9)
  4. Aldave Medrano, E.: Muerte, duelo y nueva vida en el cuarto evangelio. Estudio exegético de Jn 11,1 – 12,11 a luz de las práricas rituales de la antigüedad. (Estella, Editorial Verbo divino, 2017), (Asociación bíblica española, 70)
  5. Allan, A.; Anagnostou-Laoutides, E.; Stafford, E.: Herakles inside and outside the Church. From the first apologists to the end of the Quattrocento. (Leiden, Brill, 2020), (Metaforms, 18)
  6. Allen, J.: The Roman Republic in the Hellenistic Mediterranean. From Alexander to Caesar. (Malden Mass., Wiley-Blackwell, 2020) 
  7. Allusions and reflections. Greek and Roman mythology in Renaissance Europe. (Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars, 2015), ed. Nivre, E.W.
  8. Antiquity and enlightenment culture. New approaches and perspectives. (Leiden 2020), ed. Loughlin, F.; Johnston, A., (Metaforms, 17)
  9. Attraverso il passo del Tonale. Percorsi di archeologia e storia dall’antichità alla Grande Guerra. (Milano 2017), ed. Solano, S., (Archeologia preventiva e valorizzazione del territorio, 7)
  10. Auer, M.: Municipium Claudium Aguntum. Keramikregionen als Interaktionsräume. Eine westnorische Perspektive. (Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2019), (Ager Aguntinus. Historisch-archäologische Forschungen, 2)
  11. Aurigny, H.: Fouilles de Delphes, 5. Monuments figurés, 5. Bronzes du haut-archaïsme à Delphes. Trépieds, chaudrons et vaisselle de bronze (fin VIIIe – VIIe siècle). (Athenes, Ecole française d’Athènes, 2019) 
  12. Balchin, P.: Rome. The shaping of three capitals. (Milton, Taylor and Francis, 2020) 
  13. Barceló, P.: Die Alte Welt. Von Land und Meer, Herrschaft und Krieg, von Mythos, Kult und Erlösung in der Antike. (Darmstadt, Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 2019) 
  14. Begg, D.J.I.: Lost worlds of ancient and modern Greece. Gilbert Bagnani. The adventures of a young Italian archaeologist in Greece, 1921-1924. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2020) 
  15. Being subordinate men. Paul’s rhetoric of gender and power in 1 Corinthians. (Lanham, Lexington Books, 2019), ed. Robinson, B.J.
  16. Belligni, E.: Voci di riforma. Renovatio e concilio prima e dopo il Tridentino. (Milano, Angeli, 2018) 
  17. Bianchi, E.: Poros e Porthmos. Lo stretto al tempo di Anassilao. (Alessandria, Edizioni dell’Orso, 2020), (Studi di storia greca e romana, 18)
  18. Big data on the Roman table. New approaches to tablewares in the Roman world. (online 2018) ed. Allison, P.; Pitts, M.; Colley, S., (Internet archaeology, 50)
  19. Bonnet, C.: Les trois yeux de Zeus, le mille noms d’Isis. Les dieux antiques dans et en dehors de la caverne. (Roma, Arbor sapientiae, 2020) 91 S., Abb., (Unione internazionale degli istituti di archeologia, storia e storia dell’arte in Roma. Conferenze, 34)
  20. Borgolte, M.: World history as the history of foundations, 3000 B.C.E. to 1500 C.E. -(Leiden, Brill, 2020) 
  21. Boudalis, G.: The codex and crafts in late antiquity. [Catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition “The codex and crafts in late antiquity” held at Bard Graduate Center Gallery from February 23 through July 8, 2018.](New York, Bard Graduate Center Gallery, 2018) 
  22. Boudon-Millot, V.: Galeno di Pergamo. Un medico greco a Roma. (Roma, Carocci, 2016) 
  23. Camps, campaigns, colonies. Roman military presence in Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and the Near East. Selected studies. (Wiesbaden 2020), ed. Dabrowa, E., (Philippika. Altertumswissenschaftliche Abhandlungen. Contributions to the study of ancient world cultures [former: Philippika. Marburger altertumskundliche Abhandlungen ], 138)
  24. Center, province and periphery in the age of Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos. From “De ceremoniis” to “De administrando imperio”. (Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2018), ed. Gaul, N.; Menze, V.; Bálint, C., (Mainzer Veröffentlichungen zur Byzantinistik, 15)
  25. Ceschi, G.: Il vocabolario medico di Sofocle. Analisi dei contatti con il Corpus Hippocraticum nel lessico anatomo-fisiologico, patologico e terapeutico. (Venezia, Istituto veneto di scienze, lettere ed arti, 2009) 
  26. Chatzenikola, T.G.: E latreía kai e apeikonisé tes Theás Ekátes sta Dodekanésa. (Athéna, Ekdoseis Papuese, 2019) 
  27. City of encounters. Public spaces and social interaction in ancient Rome. (Roma, Quasar, 2020), ed. Caldelli, M.L.; Ricci, C.
  28. Classics from papyrus to the internet. An introduction to transmission and reception. (Austin, University of Texas Press, 2017), ed. Hunt, J.M.; Smith, R.A.; Stok, F.
  29. Copenhaver, A.: Reconstructing the historical background of Paul’s rhetoric in the letter of the Colossians. (London, T and T Clark, 2018), (Library of New Testament Studies, 585)
  30. Cugno, S.A.: Archeologia rupestre nel territorio di Siracusa. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2020), (British archaeological reports. International series, 2971)
  31. Curtis, L.: Imagining the chorus in Augustan poetry. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2017) 
  32. D’Agostini, M.: The rise of Philip V. Kingship and rule in the hellenistic world. (Alessandria, Edizioni dell’Orso, 2019), (Studi di storia greca e romana, 16)
  33. Daidalos. Sta íchne tou muthikoú techníte. Katalogos ektheses. 10 maïou 2019 – 1 martiou 2020. (Erákleio, Upourgeío Politismoú kai Athletismou, 2019), ed. Mandalake, S.
  34. De Wet, C.L.: The unbound god. Slavery and the formation of early Christian thought. (London, Routledge, 2017) 
  35. Deppmeyer, K.; D’Onza, M.C.: Spot an. Szenen einer römischen Stadt. [Ausstellung Trier, 31. August 2019 – 26. Januar 2020](Trier, Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier, 2019), (Schriftenreihe des Rheinischen Landesmuseums Trier, 42)
  36. Designs on the past. How Hollywood created the ancient world. (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2018), ed. Llewellyn-Jones, L.
  37. Devecka, M.: Broken cities. A historical sociology of ruins. (Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020) 
  38. Di Nardo, V.: La tavola osca di Capracotta, Agnone. (Capracotta, Selbstverlag, 2020) 75 S., Abb.
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  40. Didactic poetry of Greece, Rome and beyond. Knowledge, power, tradition. (Swansea, The Classical Press of Wales, 2019), ed. Canevaro, L.G.; O’Rourke, D.
  41. Die Grenzen des Prinzips. Die Infragestellung von Werten durch Regelverstöße in antiken Gesellschaften. (Stuttgart, Steiner, 2019), ed. Hölkeskamp, K.J.; Hoffmann-Salz, J.; Kostopoulos,  u.a.:
  42. Dinamiche insediative nelle campagne dell’Italia tra tarda antichità e alto medioevo. Settlement patterns in the countryside of Italy between late antiquity and the early middle ages. (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2018), ed. Castrorao Barba, A.
  43. Distributed cognition in classical antiquity. (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2019), ed. Anderson, M.; Cairns, D.; Sprevak, M.
  44. Donne tra saperi e poteri nella storia delle religioni. (Brescia, Morcelliana, 2007), ed. oesch Gajano, S.; Pace, E., (Storia, 23)
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  46. Empires connectés? La circulation de l’information dans les empires. (Bruxelles, Lang, 2018), ed. Crogiez-Pétrequin, S.; Heller, A., (Histoire de la poste et des communications. Echanges et territoires, 11)
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  50. Evagrius and his legacy. (Notre Dame Ind., Notre Dame Press, 2016), ed. Kalvesmaki, J.; Young, R.D.
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